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New Beginnings

Antonia Dufort
Requested by Antonia Dufort Feb 16, 2014 at 2:08pm | Vermont (~384M)

Request type: A custom design

Status: Closed Without a Winner

A winner was not selected. This request is now closed.

Project Funding:
Max Budget: $30.00 | Currently Funded: $5.00 | Bid Volume: 1 | Bid Range: $30.00-$30.00

Current Bids

Naomi Tattoo: $30.00

I want a tattoo that represents new beginnings. I love lotus flowers and I know that is something they represent so I wanted to incorporate that with some other pretty symbol for rebirth or new beginnings. I want it to flow and look delicate and feminine. I don't want anything huge and I am still not sure of where I would want this to be. I was thinking maybe a combination of a lotus flower and the image I uploaded.

  • Placement:
  • Color:
  • Detail level:
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Naomi Tattoo

How big and detailed are you

How big and detailed are you wanting this design?

Naomi Tattoo

I can start this if you can

I can start this if you can add at least $20-I can't put in too much time for $5, but you can certainly take a look at my portfolio and let me know if you're interested in working with me. :)

Naomi Tattoo

Hi Antonia, any word on

Hi Antonia, any word on adding to your funding? I'm ready to get this done for you!

Naomi Tattoo

I would still like to create

I would still like to create this for you. Are you still interested? I can work with your $5 deposit. I really want to do this.