NeoTribal, dragon, insanity, chaos

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Completed custom tattoo design
NeoTribal, dragon, insanity, chaos

Total cost: Just $400.00
Created by: Adrian Secci

Design Request

NeoTribal, dragon, insanity, chaos

Requested by JameXt0n Apr 2, 2014 at 3:45am | Bristol, Pennsylvania (~153M)

Request status: Transaction Complete

Transaction satisfactorily completed!

This Request has been won by Adrian Secci. It is now closed.


Current Bids

Naomi Tattoo
Estimate: $250.00
Estimate: $250.00
Alex Verdugo
Estimate: $250.00
Adrian Secci
Estimate: $400.00
Budget: $400.00

The tattoo will start from the lower right back stretching to the upper left quarter of the chest. In parts... Lower back, upper back, side, shoulder, half sleeve, ribcage, chest, and I'm not bothered if it extends further if need be. I only desire the tattoo to consist of exclusively a tribal design, depicting a dragon or defining traits. This design should desplay or be inspired by insanity and chaos. In some way I would like the tattoo to seem like it's consuming my heart. Lastly, on top of my heart I would like the name Jameston in a likewise font. Color can be any, just a design for now. Detail... high. Looking for an artist on the east coast preferably to get this done.
Okay guys, I understand the time and effort you put into your work.

I'm not going to waste your time. I'm going to increase the budget. Also for this tattoo design more specifically I would like it to be neo tribal. As for the positioning it would be easier to think of it as consuming my entire upper left quarter of my body and then some. I'll post some sort of model tomorrow to help with any confusion.

  • Placement: Full back
  • Color: Black and gray
  • Detail level: High

Concept Sketches


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Naomi Tattoo

I am very interested. I will

I am very interested. I will create some thing over the weekend for you. In the meantime, feel free to invite any of the other designers to start for you.


Right on, I will get you also

Right on, I will get you also a sketch tomorrow the latest!

Alex Verdugo

this sounds like a lot of

this sounds like a lot of work for this piece. So is it a full back piece which extends over the shoulder and onto the ribs or is it more of a streak of tribal across the back? I'll get something started for you as soon as I can.


I see that the timer is

I see that the timer is almost up. I'd be interested in doing this for you. With how large of a tattoo it is, you've described it in at least four pieces, and with how much detail you want, for me personally I'd be spending a lot of time designing so 250 wouldn't be enough. If your willing to raise your budget let me know but if not Naomi is very helpful so if your timer runs out or you need assistance she can extend the timer and or find someone that can do this for you. :)


I would love to see any

I would love to see any sketches. I've updated part of the description. Let me know how things are going.

Adrian Secci

Thanks for choosing me. i'll

Thanks for choosing me. i'll have a sketch for you soon :D

Adrian Secci

Hi, i'm ready to start now.

Hi, i'm ready to start now. but before i need to know one thing or two :) first let me know if you want the tattoo in the N1 zone only or in all of them, or in just two ... About the name you want it to be "hidden" in the design or clearly visible? Looking forward to start sketching :D

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Adrian Secci



Adrian Secci

You must request here the hi

You must request here the hi-res files + i'll send a link for the 3D video :)


I would like to request the

I would like to request the files and 3D video please.

funded of $400.00 budget
days to go
Are you an artist?