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Music themed

Requested by Iluvou2001 Mar 2, 2014 at 12:35am | United States (~1,058M)

Request type: A custom design | Status: Closed Without a Winner

A winner was not selected. This request is now closed.

Project Funding:
Max Budget: $400.00 | Currently Funded: $80.00 | Bid Volume: 3 | Bid Range: $320.00-$400.00

Current Bids

Naomi Tattoo: $320.00
Adrian Secci: $400.00
Angel Muro: $400.00

I already have a pair of headphones and a retro mic on my arm and would like to fill the remaining space with other music themed design. I have photos of the current work for reference.

  • Placement: Half sleeve
Sample Photos


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Naomi Tattoo

I would love to start on this

I would love to start on this for you if you can add some funding to your request!

Naomi Tattoo

Very rough concept sketch,

Very rough concept sketch, let me know if you get the idea. You can view my portfolio to see what my finished work looks like. Let me know if you like the concept and if so, I can make it look more finished. Or let me know if you have other ideas!


Image type: 
Concept sketch

I like the direction.

I like the direction.

Naomi Tattoo

Great. I can work on

Great. I can work on polishing it up a bit. If you choose me, I will make sure it's perfect!

Naomi Tattoo

Hi there, can you select one

Hi there, can you select one of the artists to finish this design for you? I would REALLY love to make this beautiful to finish it!

Adrian Secci

Hi i have a sketch, but for

Hi i have a sketch, but for some reason i can't upload it... i try tomorrow from another place...

Adrian Secci

Well finally! Here's my idea,

Well finally! Here's my idea, hope you like it, remember that if you pick me i can change,add or delete anything that you want:

Image type: 
Concept sketch
Benjamin Wright

hey man, as promised... I

hey man, as promised... I have my concept here, It is obviously unfinished at the minute, i will see how you feel about this one before i proceed :D

Naomi V

Just a reminder, please

Just a reminder, please choose your artist or at least give them some feedback. Thank you!



Artist Liaison