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Requested by imagine May 11, 2014 at 5:24am | Samara, Samara (~5,337M)

Request status: Transaction Complete

Transaction satisfactorily completed!

This Request has been won by Alp Özalp. It is now closed.


Current Bids

Alp Özalp
Estimate: $100.00
Adrian Secci
Estimate: $125.00
Budget: $100.00

I would like something in the style of the Maya, with a flower at the base of life tattoo

  • Placement: Upper back
  • Color: Black and gray
Sample Photos


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Naomi V

This is a wonderful tattoo

This is a wonderful tattoo request. Have you invited any of the tattoo designers to this request yet? 

Adrian Secci

Hi! Here's my sketch. hope

Hi! Here's my sketch, still a lot of details left, but have in mind that if you pick me we can work together step by step and you can ask me to add or change anything that you want :D

Image type: 
Concept sketch
Naomi Tattoo

Great job Adrian!

Great job Adrian!

Adrian Secci

Thanks Naomi :D

Thanks Naomi :D


Just an FYI, the customer

Just an FYI, the customer actually chose Adrian Secci-I am having the admin work on fixing it. Sorry for the confusion Alp Özalp:

Naomi V

Hi imagine, Sorry about the

Hi imagine,


Sorry about the confusion-we actually don't have a way to switch artists, but you can continue to work with Adrian and I will act as the middle man to make sure you get your artwork and that Adrian gets paid as well. Adrian, go ahead and continue working on this piece. When the customer is ready for the high res files, I will send.



Naomi Artist Liaison

Adrian Secci


Hi! please request the final files, so i can send you the hi res image :D

Adrian Secci

Hi! please approve the design

Hi! please approve the design at the top of the page, thanks :D


I am pleased with the Adrians

I am pleased with the Adrians work, thank you

funded of $100.00 budget
days to go
Are you an artist?