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Incorporating existing tattoo into a larger design

Requested by Tony Aprile on May 10, 2014

Request status: Closed Without a Winner

A winner was not selected. This request is now closed.


Current Bids

Naomi Tattoo
Bid: $100.00
Adrian Secci
Bid: $100.00
Budget: $100.00

Currently have a cross tattoo on my arm. Looking to get a half sleeve designed around it
Interested in abstract design ideas

  • Placement: Half sleeve
  • Color: Color
  • Detail level: Medium
Sample Photos


Adrian Secci's picture

Hi, what style of tattoo would you like? would you like to continue with tribal design?.... Click my name and take a look at some of my work :)

Tony Aprile's picture

I do not think I want more tribal there. But I am open to suggestions and designs

Adrian Secci's picture


Naomi Tattoo's picture

Here's a rough idea, let me know what you think!

Naomi Tattoo's picture

Any feedback for me? :)

Adrian Secci's picture

Well here's a new fast sketch, with a different idea, it's very rough, but if you pick me i can add a lot more details to it. hope you like it :)

Image type: 
Concept sketch
Tony Aprile's picture

The ideas are good, but it still looks like 2 mashed up designs rather then a flawless incorporation.

Adrian Secci's picture

This is just a sketch, you must understand that i can't put to much time into it at this point, if you pick me, then i can take my time and develop this idea or a new one, if you want.

Naomi Tattoo's picture

Hi Tony, would you like more time? We can get more sketches to you to help you decide.

Angel Muro's picture

let me know if you're still looking for some designs, I see that a winner wasn't chosen for this one!

feel free to check out the work on my profile!

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Budget: $100.00
Funded: $40.00