Biomechanical on R calf

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Biomechanical on R calf

Requested by jefferycarratc Jul 2, 2014 at 7:09pm | Manhattan, Illinois (~1,828M)

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Naomi Tattoo
Estimate: $150.00
Adrian Secci
Estimate: $150.00
Angel Muro
Estimate: $150.00
Budget: $300.00

I'm looking to get a biomechanical tattoo on my R calf. I work in the medical field, and would like it to mimic the anatomy of the lower leg. A steel rod in place of the tibia bone. Chain-links coming down from the upper left and right (medial and lateral heads of the gastroc/calf muscle) coming together at the bottom near the Achilles tendon. Some colored wires to represent the nerves, arteries and veins.

  • Placement: Leg
  • Color: Color
  • Detail level: High
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