bio mech skeleton jester

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bio mech skeleton jester

Warren Broadhead
Requested by Warren Broadhead Mar 24, 2014 at 6:30am | Saint Kilda, Victoria (~10,174M)

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Current Bids

Estimate: $40.00
Marco Pizzuti
Estimate: $50.00
Budget: $50.00

Wanting to get my first tattoo. Im keen on a skull jester built from bio mech with a v twin motorcycle engine as a heart.

  • Placement: Shoulder
  • Color: Color
  • Detail level: High
Sample Photos
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Angel Muro

awesome design idea man!

awesome design idea man!
If you add some funds to this request, (about 25% of your maximum budget) us artists can begin submitting design ideas!
let me know if you have any questions at all about how this works!

Naomi Tattoo

Here's my rough concept

Here's my rough concept sketch for you. Let me know what you think so far!


Marco Pizzuti

Well, this is my sketch.

Ok, new sketch. Hope that this satisfy your expectations, man :)

Image type: 
Concept sketch

Hello, this is a concept I

Hello, this is a concept I had worked on before and thought you might like this kind of approach. Let me know and if so I can adapt it better to your examples. I took a picture of it so pardon the quality.

Image type: 
Concept sketch

Hello again, this is another

Hello again, this is another sketch. What do you think?

Image type: 
Concept sketch
funded of $50.00 budget
days to go
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