My grandma Phyllis on my dad’s side was very supportive of my art growing up. She always provided me with brushes and paint, canvas, and all of the other stuff I needed to flourish creatively. I've never forgotten that. I’m originally from Michigan, and I started getting tattooed at 16 — pretty heavily actually. I had a lot of work on me before I graduated high school. I wasn't the best student in school though; I was the punk rock skateboard kid that would rather draw and mess off then concentrate on my schooling. I started tattooing in 2001, and I began my first apprenticeship under Chris Page, from whom I received a lot of work. He saw my passion for learning, but I was not with him very long due to bad timing. I was able to learn the basics and continue on. I paid very close attention to that man. Growing up, I thought he was the coolest person I had ever met!
I tried to be there whenever I had free time. I still have a ton of respect for him. I then met artist Ron Meyers and finished my apprenticeship under him. Ron is really great at photo realism, and in working with him, my work took a turn in a different direction completely. I enjoy doing American traditional-style tattoos. I am not limited to that, but that is my favorite work to do. I like bold, readable imagery; it just looks like "tattoos" to me. I always try to remember where I came from and who has helped me along the way. I feel that is important, and a lot of people in this business lose sight of that. I now work at Hot Rod Tattooing in Martins Ferry, Ohio. Living here in the valley is pretty damn cool. I own a lot of sweet tarantulas — most people think it's weird. I hope to have a classic car again one day, and maybe even win the lottery. I've found my niche and don't have plans to do anything else. I hope to be tattooing ‘til my hands are broken down or I can't do it anymore, so that's the plan. Feel free to send me a message regarding appointments or with any questions you might have about getting tattooed or the dumb shit I did in high school...
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