Coral Pollock is a Canadian tattoo maker and artist in Winnipeg, MB. She began a traditional apprenticeship in 2005 at All Or Nothing Tattoo Studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Due to complications from a car crash while living in the US, she returned to Canada and completed it in Winnipeg, MB Canada in 2007 when she was able to walk again. She was fortunate to have not just one, but several, accomplished mentors along the way, and extends her humble thanks to all of these unique and talented artists.
Aside from tattoos, she is also known for her illustrative artwork, which has been featured in various gallery showings across Canada and the US, as well as publications such as Jinxi Cadell's "Antennae Of Inspiration", Kirk and Cara Sheppard's "The Tattoo Colouring Book II", "Child Save", "The Puppy That Wasn't Perfect", etc., as well as various multimedia projects to quench her thirsty soul. If she isn't tattooing or painting, she can probably be found either with her nose in a book, at the moving picture shows, raising horns at local music venues, or arguing with her old and obnoxious cat, Chooch.
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