Review Policy


The purpose of Reviews on is to provide quality feedback and useful information for the Parlor / Artist you're reviewing. If you've had a bad experience, by all means share it - but please, be useful about it. Any overtly negative reviews that are clearly bashing the parlor or artist will be removed instantly. Be constructive, not a jerk. Also, this isn't a forum; no need to reference other Parlors or address other reviewers. Keep the discussion to your Parlor or Artist and your personal experience.

Why are reviews for our Parlor disappearing from the listing page?

There's a few reasons reviews may be deleted:
  • It's blatantly negative, contains objectionable content*, or is clearly just bashing the hell out of you
  • It mentions other Parlors by name
  • It addresses other reviews or reviewers
  • It wasn't even a review to begin with 
We also check to make sure your reviews are coming from real people and not fake accounts (which are often on the same IP)

Our Parlor is getting some bad reviews. Will you remove them if we pay for "special exposure" ?

Absolutely not. Reviews of Parlors and Artists, sponsored or not, are handled by the same Moderation Team, operating under the same guidelines and terms defined here. As far as reviews go, there is no preferential treatment. As you know, negative reviews are a natural part of running a business. Somewhere along the way you're going to encounter a dissatisfied customer. It happens. We keep them here for two reasons : 1) They provide you with potentially valuable feedback regarding certain things you might want to address i.e shop cleanliness, attitude and efficacy of artist, quality of stencil, minimizing discomfort etc. and 2) They allow us to paint the clearest picture possible about the shops. We want our users, and your future clients, to know exactly what they're getting into. Besides, as we mentioned above, any overtly negative reviews get removed in accordance with policy, anyway.

How does determine the ranking of our Parlor?

The way you rank on depends on a number of things: your Featured status, the number of reviews, the content of those reviews and popularity, to name a few. Our search algorithm is tuned to provide your customers with the most relevant local results possible . Notice the rankings changing a lot? That’s your competition.

Well what about multiple accounts?

We delete them as soon as we spot them. And we do spot them. This is to prevent the obvious : parlors or affiliated artists creating multiple accounts to build artificial hype for their preferred shop. By the same token this prevents people with dodgy agendas from dragging a parlor down in the rankings with bogus reviews.

I just wrote a review for a Parlor, will they be able to message me?

Only if you want them to. Our default feature allows a Parlor to reach out to those who have reviewed them via private message. This allows them to clarify any misunderstandings, give after care information, rectify any hairy situations, give thanks, or just follow up and see how you're doing.

So, To Be Clear:

Reviews are important; they have the potential to make or break a shop. We take them very seriously. Reviews, both positive and negative, are regulated by the moderation crew in accordance with our terms and guidelines. They are not removed because a Parlor or Artist, Featured, Paid or Listed, requests that they be removed.

This is to maintain quality, integrity and objectivity. If you, as a shop owner, feel a review is damaging to your business, we will look at it; however, if we find it's in compliance with our terms, it will remain on the site. Even being a Featured Listing doesn't give a Parlor the ability to remove reviews or request removals. The removal of reviews is at the sole discretion of the moderation team. Parlors and their employees cannot review other Parlors or themselves. Doing so is violation of our Review Policy and can result in suspension or expulsion from our site, for which there are no refunds. By signing up, you agree to these terms.

Now That We Got That Out of The Way, here's why we do remove reviews:

  • Conflict of Interest: Keep the reviews objective and as unbiased as you can. If you feel there's any hint of a conflict, there probably is, and please don't post the review. We don't want artists singing the praises of their fellow employees' work, and we don't want disgruntled ex-employees bashing their former employers on the review boards.
  • Second-Hand Experience: This part of thrives on your personal experience and valuable feedback. Please omit reviews about a place a friend of yours heard about from someone else. Don't tell us about how your friend got a bad tattoo at a shop you've never even heard of, much less been to. If you've never been, don't review.
  • Personal Attacks: People in the Tattoo world can generally handle some strong language, but this isn't a forum where you can launch personal assaults on people with overly graphic verbiage for whatever reason. Like we said before, be useful, not malicious. Constructive, not crude. We get that you and your friends know when you're being funny or not - but there's
  • Relevance: Keep it about your experience at the shop and your Tattoo. This isn't a place to discuss religion, politics, or why you disagree with your Artist about who should have gone home on Inkmasters last night.
  • Plagiarism: you had a unique experience, write about it! There should be no need to life from other sites.
  • Blank Reviews: we remove these because they're useless.
  • User Review Verification : Occasionally we'll get potentially fraudulent reviews that throw an Author's authenticity into question i.e infrequent, inconsistent or limited activity, multiple reviews coming from the same IP address, competitors bashing other parlors, or employees hyping their own shop. If our Moderation Team feels this may be the case, we will send out an Original User Verification request.  During the next 30 days the Moderation Team can Moderate or Un-publish these reviews pending verification. If no verification is received after 30 days, we will delete the review.
We are under no obligation to enforce these terms on your behalf against any other user. We always encourage you to let us know if you believe another user is in violation of these terms, but ultimately, the investigation and removal is at our discretion.