Code of Conduct



  1. Treat all members with courtesy and respect. If we all follow the golden rule of treating everyone on the site the same way we’d like to be treated ourselves, will be a great experience for us all. Trash talking and rudeness are not tolerated. If you have a problem with a member of the site, please contact a site admin right away.

  2. Respect the site.  We are a community of artists and enthusiasts of tattoo culture. This site is to be used to connect and grow as a tattoo community. Please do not use site as a billboard for outside links or spam. This can be grounds for account suspension or deletion. If you have any issues with the site, please contact a site admin and we will address the issue.

  3. All concept sketches and final artwork must be original work created by the artist. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Artists must be who they claim to be. If the work or the artist prove to be false, the artist’s account will be deleted. If you are using reference images, please state that you are using reference images and if necessary, site the original source.



  • Do ask questions! For artists: if a request is not clear, use the comment section to find out more information about what the requestor wants. Do show the potential client that you are interested in his request by starting a conversation within the request.

  • Do attach sample images for samples of what you like, or for artists, samples of what you can create.

  • Do put funding toward your request. This is the best way to show the artists you are serious about your design and about working with them. Our system allows you to add small increments as you work with the artists.

  • Any comments by artists that include any unoriginal work must by marked as Reference Image.



  • Artists: Don’t send finished artwork to any clients who have not hired you officially. Final artwork is to be submitted only after the client hires you and approves of your design.

  • Don't quit! You must fulfill three complete revisions in order to be qualified for payment. If you quit before three revisions are created, you will be paid nothing. If you have a difficult customer, don’t get hasty! Please contact us.

  • Buyers: Please don’t request any finished artwork from artists before you hire them. You may request concept sketches, but nothing final until a sale is made.

  • Don’t post outside links anywhere or request contact off the site. This can get you kicked off permanently!

  • Don’t use obnoxious watermarks for your portfolio. You may use small unobtrusive watermarks if necessary.

  • Don’t email any artwork to buyers outside of the site. This is unsafe and a very easy way for your art to be stolen! We are not held responsible for communication and transactions that take place off the site.

  • Don’t post spam! Your account will be deleted.

  • Don’t be vulgar, rude or condescending to any other member of the site. Your account will be deleted if this is a problem.