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Appointment request with Scarecrow Galleries Tattoo Company

Requested by Anonymous (not verified) Apr 22, 2014 at 5:32pm | (~0M)

Status: Declined

Appointment has been declined.

Scarecrow Galleries Tattoo Company
Scarecrow Galleries Tattoo Company
1312 Century Way, Wylie, Collin, Texas 75098 United States (972) 429-3522
Date & Time: 
04/23/2014 6PM CDT

This will be a cover up on my right upper arm. Just solid black, thick tribal to cover up the homemade outline that's already there.


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Scarecrow Galleries Tattoo Company

Hi Justin-

Thank you for contacting us and I do apologized that we would have to decline the time you requested. But I will have Daryl Distler give you a call tomorrow to talk with you and setup another appointment time.

General Manager