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Appointment request with Samoa Ink

Requested by Anonymous (not verified) Jun 8, 2014 at 2:43am | (~0M)

Status: Pending

Appointment is pending approval.

Samoa Ink
Samoa Ink
5809 S State St, Murray, Salt Lake, Utah 84107 United States (801) 834-6127
Date & Time: 
06/10/2014 5PM PDT


I have a mermaid and octopus on the side of my ribs (too traditional for my taste). I want to fill in my ribs with a polynesian influenced design to go around the mermaid and octopus. I really want to make sure it stays tight in my ribs area and not have the design go onto my stomach or back. I would love it to look like the different oceanic patterns (from the images I have) were crashing into each other like waves. I wish there was an image of an oceanic polynesian only-slightly-paisley waves tattoo I could show you... But I think I definitely made it up. However I definitely have references that explain what I am visualizing. I was hoping to have accents of color but staying with the black outline would probably be better.

Thank you!

If for any reason you're no longer interested in keeping this appointment please be sure to cancel it here.

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