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Requested by Anonymous (not verified) May 25, 2014 at 8:06pm | Baltimore (~5,494M)

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05/29/2014 1:00PM EDT

A month ago i got a tattoo of the John Butler Trio's " 3 arrows" design done on my wrist. At the time i couldn't decide if i wanted the background filled in. I have since decided that i'd like a solid gray to be added to the voided out spaces. My tattoo artist i've been going to for years has left the shop and currently looking for another place to work. A friend of mine, Frank Pajek, recommended Jimmy. I'd like to come in and have the gray added, and also pretty much go over almost all the design itself. I had a tattoo removed from this area years ago, and i feel the skin pigment from that may have caused the lines and color to not come out as bold and even as previous work has in other areas. I would only want Jimmy to do the work, so if he's not available please let me know. I work in northfield till 5pm on thursday, the 29th and your shop isn't far from there. So i should be able to make it by 515. I wouldn't think i'd need more than an hour time slot. Thanks!

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