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Appointment request with Alcatraz Body Modifications

Requested by Anonymous (not verified) Jun 23, 2014 at 7:33pm | (~0M)

Status: Pending

Appointment is pending approval.

Alcatraz Body Modifications
Alcatraz Body Modifications
598 Carolina Ave, Chester, WV United States (304) 459-3136
Date & Time: 
06/25/2014 5PM EDT

My mom and I would both like to get an infinity symbol that says family. Black and gray only. Mine would be about 2" on my foot. Hers would be 1-2" on her inner wrist. She may want to add something such as the date of 6/25/11. This is her first tattoo.

If for any reason you're no longer interested in keeping this appointment please be sure to cancel it here.

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