What is Tattoo.com?

  • Tattoo.com is here to entertain, inspire and connect tattoo artists and fans of the art form.
  • Tattoo.com allows you to gather and organize tattoo photos and share them with fans. Use the upload form or Tattoo Bookmarklet to start building up your tattoo collection.
  • Check out this profile page to see how you can show off your awesome tattoos.

How does Tattoo.com benefit tattoo shops and artists?

  • Tattoo.com creates an environment where tattoo artists and shops can build audiences and connect with fans of their work.
  • Creates a social forum where fans can get detailed information and view portfolios of artists and shops.
  • It creates a space where artists can quickly share exclusive information/videos/pics.
  • Artists can keep track of statistics in terms of what photos that are being liked and commented on.
  • Artists and companies can post photos of their most recent work to engage their customers.

How does Tattoo.com benefits Fans?

  • Fans will appreciate photos of work coming directly from the tattoo artists and shops.
  • Tattoo.com creates a central location where fans have access to all tattoo artists and shops in one area.
  • Tattoo.com creates a space where fans can make albums and collect their favorite tattoos and designs.
  • Fans can stay informed when they follow the artists and shops.

Verification FAQ

How do I verify my account?

  • Tattoo shops and artists are verified by our account management team.

How can you tell if an account is verified?

  • Verified accounts will have are listed as verified.

Collecting Photos FAQ

What is a collection?

  • A collection is a container for your photos. Every photo is added to an collection you create. You can create a collection when you submit a photo.

What is following?

  • When you start following a user or collection, their photos will show up in You Follow section.

How do I delete a photo?

  • Click on My account. Find your photo, click it and then click the “edit” button. Then click the “delete” button at the bottom.

How do I add a photo?

  • You can add a photos by clicking the Upload button on the top.

Contact us:

You may contact us here or by email at support [at] tattoo.com.