steampunk heart tattoo with robots

Completed custom tattoo design
steampunk heart tattoo with robots

Total cost: Just $300.00
Created by: Benjamin Wright

Design Request

steampunk heart tattoo with robots

Joanne Fisher
Requested by Joanne Fisher Apr 9, 2014 at 3:23pm | Fort Mcmurray, Alberta (~1,959M)

Request status: Transaction Complete

Transaction satisfactorily completed!

This Request has been won by Benjamin Wright. It is now closed.


Current Bids

Benjamin Wright
Estimate: $300.00
Naomi Tattoo
Estimate: $325.00
Estimate: $450.00
Estimate: $450.00
Angel Muro
Estimate: $450.00
Budget: $450.00

Realistic heart tattoo with robots working on the gearing and welding. I would like a steampunk plane or airship fight above it. I would also like a steampunk compass and watch worked into the tattoo. Open to other steampunk ideas to be added.

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