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Lion and snake

Requested by Bcrateau on March 7, 2014

Request status: Closed Without a Winner

A winner was not selected. This request is now closed.


Current Bids

Marco Pizzuti
Bid: $150.00
Zeljko Z Srdic
Bid: $175.00
Benjamin Wright
Bid: $175.00
Bid: $175.00
Budget: $175.00

I would like a semi realistic lion fighting a snake. The lion should be up on his hind legs, mouth open aggressively. This is a representation of the struggle against temptation. The snake representing the temptation and the lion representing the inner strength resisting it.

  • Placement: Shoulder
  • Color: Black and gray
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Bcrateau's picture

I don't know if shoulder is the correct placement. I would really like it on my upper arm from the shoulder down the side of my arm.

Zeljko Z Srdic's picture

Hey buddy I will think of a sketch.


Marco Pizzuti's picture

Here is my sketch. The sheet isn't dirt, it's only saturated and contrasted to properly show the draw

Image type: 
Concept sketch
Bcrateau's picture

Nice drawing. It is similar to what I am looking for. This is not as realistic as I would like and the proportions are a little extreme. The lions face really looks almost like a dragon. Sorry, I don't mean to be critical. It just doesn't hit the mark that I am looking for. Thanks

Korey Kyle's picture

Still looking for a concept here?

Bcrateau's picture

Yes please

Angotti81's picture

Hey, did a quick sketch of your idea. Still very basic, the anatomy and poses need to be amped up. If chosen, I'll do that as well as detail and shade everything. You can see finalized designs on my profile. Thanks!

Image type: 
Concept sketch
Bcrateau's picture

I am really liking where you are heading with this. Like you said, it needs the details. Could you change the snake from a cobra to something else? I would like the snake to be a bit larger and possibly intertwined around the lion some. Not, wrapped all around the lion. Maybe wrapped around a leg and,or, part of the torso. Like I said, I am really liking the concept. Also, I was leaning toward a black and gray tattoo. In your opinion, would this be a better tattoo in black and gray, or color?

Angotti81's picture

I think black and grey would be the way to go. I think it would be pretty cool to shade the snake darker to contrast it with the lion. Anyway I'll make those changes and get you a new sketch soon. Thanks!

Bcrateau's picture

Great! Thanks. I am looking forward to seeing it.

Angotti81's picture

I went ahead and, implementing your ideas, made a more finished sketch(it's almost done). Really hope you dig it!

Image type: 
Concept sketch
Angotti81's picture

Here's a close up

Image type: 
Concept sketch
Bcrateau's picture

I am loving this! I think it really hits what I was looking for. Thanks!

Angotti81's picture

Awesome! Really glad you like it! So at this point you can wait until the timer is up (6days) to possibly get sketches from other artists. Or if you'd like to select me you can fund the rest of your budget and pick my name from the drop down menu. I'll finalize the design(there's a couple areas that need to be cleaned up), and submit the full resolution files for your approval after that. Totally up to you. Thanks!!

Naomi Tattoo's picture

Bcrateau, please select Angotti81 when you are ready to get the high res files. You can wait until the request ends or you can expedite the process by funding and choosing him. :)

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Budget: $175.00
Funded: $30.00