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Family Tree

Requested by joeef84 Jan 6, 2014 at 9:20pm | Alexandria, Virginia (~28M)

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Current Bids

Estimate: $160.00
Angel Muro
Estimate: $200.00
Alex Verdugo
Estimate: $200.00
Estimate: $200.00
Korey Kyle
Estimate: $200.00
Budget: $200.00

Dark, gnarled, twisted tree trunk starts at elbow with roots exposed spelling FAMILY (very subtle, wouldnt see it unless you were looking for it). Roots are wide with trunk tapering thinner ~2". Trunk runs up to shoulder where branches branch out to front and back forming semicircle on to chest and back of shoulder. Want to spell FILKINS in branches on chest and WOLFER in branches on back (also subtle and natural looking). Few other small thing I'm toying with - an American flag hanging from single branch off trunk, a deer skull/antlers, maybe a subtle POW/MIA and Chevy bowtie somewhere...

  • Placement: Half sleeve
  • Color: Black and gray
  • Detail level: High
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