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Are you in San Francisco and in need of a tattoo shop? We can help you find what you're looking for. San Francisco has historically been one of the United State's leading cities of tattoo culture. "The Illustrated Man," starring Burt Lancaster was even filmed here. San Francisco, known as "The City by the Bay" is one of the oldest cities of California and flourished during the Gold Rush in the 1800's. Because of the influx of people seeking their fortunes during this time, it created a diverse melting pot of different cultures.

There are many famous neighborhoods of San Francisco such as Union Square, The Financial District, Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown (the oldest Chinatown in North America), and more. Each neighborhood has its share of different kinds of businesses, including tattoo shops. With such a mix of different types of neighborhoods, and such a rich, in-depth and diverse history, San Francisco is a center of culture and arts. This is an amazing place to be inspired to get a new tattoo. Let's get your search for the perfect tattoo shop started. 


We at have perfected our search tools on the site. You can find San Francisco tattoo shops in and near the city like Calculated Punkture Studio, Soul Imagez Tattoo, Evolution Tattoo and Piercing, Club Tattoo San Francisco, and Simms Ink Studio, easily and quickly. Start your search using your exact location as a filter. You can then choose the mile radius you'd like the search to include. Anywhere from 10 mile radius to a thousand miles or more is possible using this tool. Your search will bring you to a list of tattoo listings. Each individual tattoo page has detailed information about each shop, shop hours, high quality tattoo photos and high quality tattoo shop tour photos and videos, contact information, tattoo artist pages, and customer ratings and reviews you can trust. You can also post a tattoo estimate request, which allows you to describe in detail the tattoo you want to get. Tattoo artists local to you will submit their price estimate as well as include information about themselves and their shop, and answer any questions you included in your specific request.


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