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Do you need to find a tattoo shop in the city of Sacramento? We can help you. Sacramento is the capital and 6th largest city of California. This capital city has a rich history which of course includes the Gold Rush, which is a part of why the city grew so quickly and is what it is today. Sacramento has a thriving theatre arts scene with many reputable theatre companies. The visual arts scene is also active and rich with both modernity and history, with its many galleries and museums. Home ot the Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra as well as its reputation as a center for Dixieland jazz, this city has a well known musical history that has continued to grow into a rich and active scene today.

What's not as well known is its growing number of hardcore and metal bands, as it is home to the Deftones. It is also known as "America's Farm-to-Fork Capital" beacuase of its many restaurants' commitment to source their food from local farms. Sacramento has a diverse mix of peoples, young and old, from all different backgrounds and ethnicities. 


Being a city of politics, business, arts and culture, and deep set California history, there is so much to see and do in this capital city. If you are wanting a tattoo while you're here, there are many tattoo shops to choose from, and we can help with your search. Normally, searching for a tattoo shop could take hours or even days (or longer!) if you're not careful. Looking up random websites, not knowing if their reviews are accurate, or even if their contact information is up to date, or calling around to shops, or asking people you know (or people you don't), the search can be confusing and exhausting. Here at, we make it easy. The first way to start your search is to search for tattoo artists in your city. Our search tool uses your exact location, and you just choose the mile radius you'd like it to search for you. A list of professional tattoo artists and tattoo shops will come up. Each listing has current infomration, beautiful photos of their tattoo work, and of their studio, some may have virtual video tours of the studio, so you will know what it's like to be there before you even have to leave home (or even get out of PJ's!). You can also review honest customer ratings and reviews one each listing. The other way to search is to post a tattoo estimate request. You post a request telling artists what you want for your next tattoo, and local tattoo artists will respond with their price estimates and information. Both methods take only minutes to get started and are free! What are you waiting for? Start your search for the perfect tattoo shop in Sacramento today! 

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