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Are you looking for the perfect tattoo shop in Minneapolis? We can help with your search. Minneapolis is the largest city in the state of Minnesota. The Mississippi River runs right through this longstanding city. The arts scene is alive and well in this city, especially the performing arts and music. The famous musician, Prince, is from this Minnesota city, probably being its most well loved export. Minneapolis is also well known for its place in the literary, printing, and publishing arts. It is America's third most literate city.

With such culture in this city based on music and words, it's easy to see why tattoo enthusiasts from here or visiting here would be inspired to get a new tattoo...perhaps  a script or lettering tattoo of lyrics or a piece of their favorite poetry or prose? 


If you're in Minneapolis and get the itch for a new tattoo, we can help you search for the perfect tattoo shop. Instead of spending hours on end searching different websites that may or may not have accurate customer reviews or even current information, or calling around without much of a frame of reference, or asking friends and family who may or may not give you good advice, our website has two very effective methods to cut that time down into shear minutes, with accurate and current results. Use the search tool with your exact location. Choose the mile radius you'd be wiling to travel for your tattoo. A list of tattoo shops matching this criteria will come up automatically, all with correct and detailed tattoo studio information, high quality tattoo photos, and photos of the studio itself. Some may also have virtual video studio tours. Most importantly, the tattoo pages will have tattoo artist information and accurate customer ratings and reviews you can trust. 


You may also post a tattoo estimate request which allows you to write up a detailed description about what you want for your next tattoo, and ask any questions you may have about it. Local tattoo artists will then respond to your request with their price estimates as well as answer any of the questions you posed, or give more information and their expert opinions on your idea. Both of these methods take minutes to start and are free! Start your search for the perfect tattoo shop in Minneapolis today!

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