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Brooklyn is one of the most well known cities in the world. It is an ever changing city famous for its history and heavy immigrant population. These days, Brooklyn is very diverse and has dozens of distinct neighborhoods, which represent many of the groups of New York City. The "New York accent" that people around the world recognizes is a Brooklyn accent.

There is no end to things to do in Brooklyn with the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Philharmonic, art galleries, restaurants, bars, Coney Island, and many other places. With so much history and inspiration in this well known city, Brooklyn is the perfect place to find tattoo shops. Nearby tattoo studios such as Body Language, Studio 28 Tattoos, Citizen Ink, and SavedTattoo, among many others. With such a diverse city with so much culture and art, any day is a good day to get a new tattoo. makes finding the right tattoo artist and tattoo shop an easy and painless process. We showcase only the finest, cleanest and most professional tattoo artists and tattoo shops in the Brooklyn area. Start your search for free today! You can use the location filters at the top of the page, or create an estimate request based on location and have local tattoo artists and tattoo shops contact you with their estimates and information. provides high quality images, video, and user reviews so that when it comes time to choose the best tattoo studio and tattoo artist for you, it will only be a click away. Book your next appointment with and be sure to come back to post pictures and tell us all about your experience to share it with all of our members and help them find the right place to get their next tattoo!

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