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The Castle Tattoos was formed in 2010 with the collaboration of tattoo artist Nik Simone and artist Alexis Bence. Nik has worked with numerous tattoo shops inking people’s arms for over 5 years. In 2010 the two started discussing ways to make their dream of art reality and The Castle Tattoos was born. The name The Castle Tattoos came from an ongoing joke during tattoo sessions of asking the question "How do you kill a wizard?" After many unique and humorous answers Nik came up with his own unique answer. They would lock him in a castle and send a fire breathing dragon to his window. Constantly referencing "The Castle" they decided to go with the name. They started working out of a spare room in Nik’'s house and quickly grew and were able to expand.
In July 2010 they opened the doors of their shop, an old restaurant in Homer City, PA located between Blairsville and Indiana, PA.
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