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Owner. Cody Buck. Age.25 I started my career in the tattoo industry shortly after I turned 18. I apprenticed under Dale The Nail at Superstar Tattoo for about a year and a half. After that I worked at another tattoo shop (street shop) and realized I didn't like the flash/walk in types of tattoos. Instead I like the custom, drama free side of the industry. This inspired me to open my own studio. With that. Buckin Tattoo was born. In August 2012 I opened my dream. My own studio. Buckin Tattoo has been thriving and continues to grow. Being a small 2 booth studio located away from the city we are not well known. But as we grow the name continues to spread further and further. We have parties and car shows every year and try to involve the community. Maybe give them a better view on tattooed people in general.
To me this industry is about the love of art and proper professional training and execution. With that. Buckin Tattoo will continue to provide the best tattoo experience possible
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