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15 Adorable BB8 Tattoos

The Force Awakens delights Star Wars fans of all walks of life, old and new. One of the most charasmatic and memorable icons of the newest addition to the Star Wars legacy is the round droid belonging to Poe Dameron, BB8. Are you a huge Star Wars fan? Thinking about getting a BB8 tattoo yourself? Get inspired by these 15 adorable BB8 Tattoos:

10 Killer Call of Duty: Black Ops Tattoos

Call of Duty: Black Ops is a favorite of gamers for a reason. Because it's freaking awesome! It's got zombies, guns, a pristine fake Nuclear town, and more. Whether you're a hardcore gamer, or a casual game enthusiast, you've probably got Call of Duty in your game collection. Playing this game, especially with others can last for hours (or days). And who hasn't gotten that Quick Revive song in their head for days at a time?


10 Cute Tattooed Girls

Tattoos are all about self expression. When you are a cute girl, you start with a great canvas for ink. The tattoos can be feminine, or cute, or edgy and scary! Just because a girl is cute on the outside, she may be totally hardcore on the inside and want to wear that on her sleeve. Tattoos allow people to truly express who they are.

10 Princess Peach Tattoos


Princess Peach represents femininity and beauty in the Super Mario Brothers universe. She has evolved over the games and become a strong presence herself. Sought after by many gamers for decades, she is the ultimate dream princess. For some fans, a tattoo to show their love for the princess is the right thing to do. Are you a huge Princess Peach fan? You may want to get a tattoo to show your devotion. Check out these 10 Prettiest Princess Peach tattoos for ideas and inspiration:

City Skyline Tattoo Ideas


Do you have love for your hometown or current city? Why not show it in the form of a tattoo? The following tattoo enthusiasts are also enthusiast for a particular city skyline. Some of these wearers are representing where they were born or where they are from, and some are not, but just love the particular cities they have tattooed on them. If you are thinking about getting a city skyline for your next tattoo, you might want to check out these 15 breathtaking city skyline tattoo ideas for inspiration:

15 Most Inspirational Scripture Tattoos

One of the most popular tattoos to get are scripture tattoos beacuse of their deep personal meaning to each individual for their own reasons. Regardless of practice of faith, religious tattoos can be very inspirational and even saving in times of trouble and weakness. Because this list is specifically of Scripture Tattoos, the wearers of these tattoos are most likely Christian or Catholic, but the words can be meaningful to anyone who appreciates them, whether they are of this religious practice or not.

10 Life Size Wing Tattoos

Tattoos with wings are nothing new. So many tattoos feature wings or winged creatures. Full on, life size wings, executed realistically and believably, are an entirely different subject. This takes dedication and time to get just right. Usually these life size wings take up a large percentage, if not the entire back. These life size wing tattoos are statement tattoos, and true pieces of art that the wearers are proud of.