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10 Koi Fish Tattoos

The koi fish is a commonly seen subject for tattoos, but the various ways it is designed and executed can make it very unique for the wearer. Here are 10 koi fish tattoos that may spark inspiration for your next tattoo:

Black and gray koi fish can be just as impressive as those in full color. A half sleeve is the perfect placement for a koi fish tattoo.

12 Most Surreal Tattoos

Surreal tattoos are among some of the coolest ideas and design for tattoos out there because there is no limit to what the design can include and entail. If you are wanting a tattoo that no one else will have, perhaps the surreal style is something to think about. Check out these 12 Most Surreal Tattoos for more ideas and inspiration:

10 Spectacular Scalp Tattoos

The scalp is not the most common placement for ink because It is visible only when the hair is shaved off. Scalp tattoos involve a lot of time and pain, butthose who have decided to go through with it,  truly make it work for them. Check out these 10 Spectacular Scalp Tattoos to explore the possiblities of a tattoo on the scalp:

10 Uniquely Beautiful Portrait Tattoos

Portrait tattoos are either done well or not. An experienced and skilled tattoo artist is necessary for a successful portrait tattoo. Portraits may be the hardest artwork to get right when it comes to tattoo. One small flaw will make the tattoo look like someone look completely different, so it needs to be perfect. The following portrait tattoos are not only fantastic, but accurate. Are you thinking about getting a portrait tattoo?

10 Creepy American Horror Story Inspired Tattoos

Many tattoo enthusiasts get tattoos of their favorite television shows, and American Horror Story is one of the most visually compelling television series' on today. In its fifth season and counting, the show is going strong, and captivating as well as horrifying thousands of audiences every week. The characters and sets are iconic, and of course well designed, which makes for amazing tattoos. Are you thinking about getting your favorite American Horror Story character or icon for your next tattoo?

10 Epic Art Piece Tattoos

There are a wide variety of tattoos in this world, some outstanding and some not so great, but there are a few tattoos that are in a league of their own and should be considered a work of art, or maybe even a masterpiece. Since tattoos are becoming more acceptable and tattoo artists are truly being looked at as artists, we've compiled 10 Epic Art Piece Tattoos.

15 Sushi Tattoos

Sushi is a delicious Japanese food that has become overwhelmingly popular everywhere in the world. Some of sushi's biggest fans are also tattoo enthusiasts. These tattoo enthusiasts love sushi so much that they wanted to permanently wear it on their skin. Do you love sushi and want it tattooed? Here are 15 sushi tattoos for inspiration.

10 Dynamic Black and Gray

Black and gray tattoos are among the most popular for tattoo enthusiasts to choose, and for good reason. Black and gray is dramatic and does not require the use of color to get its point across. Are you thinking about getting a black and gray tattoo in the near future? Check out these 10 Dynamic Black and Gray designs for inspiration and ideas:

10 Sexy, Feminine Tattoo Ideas

What is the sexiest and most feminine tattoo a girl can get? There is not one answer for that question, but check out these 10 Sexy, Feminine Tattoo Ideas:

beautiful angel wings tattoo:

Angel wings are always a beautiful idea for a tattoo. The back is one of the most attractive places on the female form. Why not adorn it with something as extravagant as full angel wings?