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20 Fantastic Fox Tattoos

The fox makes for a great tattoo because of its unique look, and bright bold color. For some, it may be inspired by what they feel is their spirit animal. For others, it may just be their favorite animal. Whatever the reason to get a fox tattoo, it's important to get a great looking one. This list is filled with 20 fantastic fox tattoo, so check it out: 

20 Inspiring Military Tattoos

Our military truly risks it all for the freedom of all those living in the United States of America. The gratitude of those who are able to live in this freedom can never be truly captured. Sometimes tattoos say it better than words. Take a moment today to appreciate those currently in the service and all those who have served.


20 Best Cupcake Tattoos

What's better than a cupcake? Cupcakes envoke happiness whether it's out of nostalgia, a love for food, or just a plain old sweet tooth! Whatever the reason, people love them. It's not shocking that they are the subject of many a tattoo. Are you thinking about getting an adorable cupcake tattoo? Check out these 20 Best Cupcake tattoos for idas and inspiration:

20 Best Fallout Tattoos Ever

If you're a gamer, then you already know that Fallout is one of the most epic game franchises that exists. Because of it's popularity in gameplay, there are of course lots of Fallout tattoos. People show their love for the game in the most permanent way possible, by getting it inked on various parts of their body. Are you a Fallout fan thinking that this might be the pefect subject for your next tattoo?