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Foot Tattoos: Inked from Here to Toe

Foot tattoos are not for everyone, but for those who choose to sport a foot tattoo there are different styles that can be flattering to the feet that vary greatly. From old school, to mandala, to realistic, and script, there are many tattoo choices that would be perfect for this part of the body! The feet have many different parts to it, including the toes, the ankles, the heels, which make it complex and interesting, and a prime location for some creative tattoo ideas.

Heavenly Ink: Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoos are a popular choice among the religious and the non-religious alike. Regardless of your religious beliefs and faith practices, the angel is a symbol of goodness, hope, redemption, and something higher than ourselves. People choose to get angel tattoos for different reasons. The most literal is to show their religious beliefs in the Christian God and His angels of different kinds including Guardian angels, cherubs, and seraphim.

10 Sentimental Children Tattoos

Children tattoos are some of the most meaningful and personal tattoos a person can get. Most who get children tattoos are parents who want to honor and celebrate the most important things in their life. It's a representation of a true tattoo enthusiast and what ink can mean to a person. Who says that tattooed parents aren't just as good as non tattooed parents? Tattooed parents feel the love for their children so deeply that they have a need to express it outwardly, on their skin.

10 of the Worst Fan Tattoos Ever

Fan tattoos are fun for those who truly are a fan of something or someone. They're expression is partly the expression of whoever or whatever they are a fan of. Fan tattoos are possibly one of the highest forms of a compliments. For someone to be such a fan that they're willing to get it permanently tattooed onto their skin? That's commitment of fandom! A bad fan tattoo, however, isn't so flattering. It can be pretty amusing, though! Here are 10 of the worst fan tattoos ever inked on human skin:

Funny Tattoos: Ink for a Laugh

Funny tattoos are more than just an expression of self. They are an expression of the wearer's humor. People get tattoos for many reasons. For some, that reason is to get a laugh or two. To spread laughter by their cleverly funny tattoos is worth the pain involved in getting it inked. The great thing about tattoo is that it's personal to the person getting the tattoo. If the tattoo enthusiast wants to be funny, he or she can be funny. The hard part of getting a funny tattoo is coming up with a clever enough idea.

Cover Up Tattoos: Second Time Around

Cover up tattoos are a good option for tattoos that may not hold up the way they used to. No need to be embarrassed, it happens to the best of us! For some, laser tattoo removal is a good option. For others a great cover up could be a better option. It takes a skilled tattoo artist to be able to come up with an effective way to cover up an old tattoo. The design must work with the existing tattoo, to either incorporate parts of it into a new design, or to have dark enough areas in the new design to completely cover it up.

Traditional Tattoos: Classic Ink

Traditional Tattoos have a rich history and a long lasting style. Tattoo artists like Sailor Jerry have made the style well recognized and well known, but these kinds of tattoos have existed for quite a while. In the beginning of Western tattoo history, when tattoos were still very taboo for the common person, the only people who would get them were sailors and other military members, and people in fringe subcultures, such as the famed "Freak Show" folk.

Unique Divorce Tattoos: A New Beginning with Ink

A unique divorce tattoo won't absolve all of the hurt and pain (and drama) of a divorce, but it can help along the healing process. So many people find happiness in marriage only to suffer the bitter disappointment of divorce. That's putting it lightly for most cases. Getting a divorce tattoo can be freeing and help with the "mourning" process of the ending of a marriage. For some, it can truly be a sign of freedom, for others it can signify getting back to basics, or finding themselves again.

Meaningful Tattoos: True Expression of the Soul

Meaningful Tattoos are truly a way to take the art of tattoo and make it into a true expression of the soul. Think about the most important moments of your life thus far. Think about the people who mean most to you. Think about your successes, your failures, your gains and losses. No matter how old you are, I'm sure you can think of many moments, or maybe just a profound few. Some of you may even get a little misty eyed, or a swell of pride. People get meaningful tattoos for all sorts of reasons.

9 Eye Catching Arm Tattoos for Men

Arm tattoos for men are among the most popular choices and most attractive tattoos. The arm is an extremely visible part of the male body, however, it is also easy to cover up with shirt sleeves if the wearer has a job or career that does not allow for tattoos to show. There are many concepts in tattoo that work better for the arm area than other parts of the body.