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5 Tramp Stamp Tattoos and 5 Tramp Stamp Fails

Lower back tattoos have been commonly called the "tramp stamp tattoos" for over a decade. Whether or not it warrants the name is a controversy among tattoo enthusiasts. In any case, people know exactly what kind of tattoo and where it's located whenever someone uses the phrase "tramp stamp." Of course, some tramp stamps are classier than others, and can often be a beautiful, artful tattoo that happens to be on the lower back, and accentuates the female form in the best way.

10 Hot Thigh Tattoos That Sizzle

The thigh is a large piece of real estate on the human canvas. Thigh tattoos have the potential to be true masterful art pieces. On women thigh tattoos can be very sexy because it's such a sensual area. When getting a tattoo, placement is very important. Places that show commitment are the larger areas, such as sleeves, side ribs, the back, the chest, and the legs. Calf tattoos are more common on men than thigh tattoos. Women are mainly the wearers of thigh tattoos because it accentuates that part of the body.

10 Dreamcatcher Tattoos To Catch Your Attention

Dreamcatcher tattoos are becoming very popular, among both sexes, but because of their delicate quality, are more common among women. Dream catchers have a rich history among Native Americans. The purpose of the dream catcher is to protect those who are sleeping, to catch the bad dreams and nightmares, and to only allow the good dreams to pass to the dreamer. In essense, the dream catcher is somewhat of a filter for dreams.

Couple Tattoos: A Lasting Bond in Ink

Couple tattoos are becoming more and more popular among people who are in long term relationships and marriages. As tattoo is constantly becoming more accepted and mainstream, couples of all kinds of backgrounds, ages, religious beliefs, and lifestyles, are appreciateing the concept of getting inked permanently, for life, and doing it together. There are countless ideas for designs for a couple to decide on when getting inked.

10 Unsinkable Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos have been a classic choice for generations. In the earlier days of Western tattoo, tattoos were still seen as taboo for the average person. Anchor tattoos were among the favorite subject choices especially for sailors in the Navy, as well as other military branches. Classic tattoos like these would be a part of the wearer's story, with each souvineer representing a part of their travels and life experiences.

10 Elephant Tattoos You Won't Forget

Elephant tattoos are on the rise among tattoo lovers of all ages and backgrounds. The elephant is known to represent many things among different cultures. Because of its size and strength, it represents being strong, and being tough, like its exterior skin. Patience is also a virtue symbolic of this great animal, as is honor. One of the most common reasons that people get an elephant tattoo is because elephants mean good luck and good fortune, and everyone wants some of that!

Infinity Tattoos: Infinite Meaning, Permanent Symbolism

Infinity tattoos are often small, but the meaning of the icon as well as the bold, graphic, universal design of the symbol, packs a powerful punch. If you didn't already know, this symbol that looks like the number eight laying on its side represents the concept of forever, never ending, as it continuously loops into itself over and over, without stopping, beyond time and space. A tattoo wearer may choose to get the infinity sign for a mulititde of different reasons.

The Big Impact of Tiny Tattoos

Tiny tattoos are the unsung heroes of the tattoo world. Getting a small tattoo is a great choice for anyone who wants a tattoo, but especially for someone who is getting their first tattoo, or for someone whose career or profession does not allow for large or visible tattoos. Just because a tattoo is small does not mean it cannot be amazing or meaningful. Often the smallest tattoos hold the most meaning. A small tattoo can only be seen when close to the wearer, so is more of an intimate tattoo, that involves closeness.

Sisters: Love, Blood, and Ink

Sisters have a special bond. What better way to commemorate that bond than by getting sister tattoos? These tattoos are often small to allow for less visibile placement, as no sister is alike and one may have tattoos all over and the other only wants a tattoo to share with her sister.  A common theme among sister tattoos are inspirational quotes or sayings in elegant lettering. There are so many beautiful quotes that pertain to friendship and familial bonds.