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10 Terrifying Horror Tattoos

One of the growing subjects for tattoo designs are horror movies. Horror movie fans are often very enthusiastic about their favorite scary movies. Many tattoo enthuiasts are horror movie fans and get their favorite characters or scenes created as tattoo designs! There are so many horror movies from the beginning of film with "Nosferatu," before sound was even introduced to film, to the classic horror classics from the 1930's, all the way through nearly a century of horror to the present day thrillers.

10 Best Tattoos for Summer

Summer is a season for fun, wanderlust, and heat! Things that come to mind when you think of summer are palm trees, beaches, road trips, plane trips, hot summer nights, BBQs, swimming, outdoor parties, and being in nature. Tattoo is the ultimate way to express your passion for whatever it is that you are passionate about. If a tattoo enthusiast is passionate about summer, there are some amazing summer tattoo ideas out there to inspire them.

10 Best Tattoos of The Beatles

The Beatles are one of the most influential bands of the last century. It's hard to find any other band that has such a large and diverse fan base, even in the present day. With such a large fan base and with so many songs that have inspired people throughout the years, many tattoos based on The Beatles and their music are finding their way onto enthusiasts' skin. Do you have a tattoo inspired by The Beatles? Share it with us and we might show it off on our next list!

10 Best Minion Tattoos

With their all new starring role in the current "Minions" movie, these little guys are definitely worthy of their own fan base. What comes with a strong fan base? Why an assortment of colorful and creative tattoos, of course! The greatest thing about the Minions is their relatability. No matter who you are, you are bound to relate to at least one of them. Even though they are all alike, they are each individuals and have their own personalities. That's pretty similar to the concept of all of the wonderful tattooed people out there.

10 of the Most Confusing Tattoos Ever

Have you ever seen a tattoo and just thought to yourself, "What the heck am I even looking at?" Or perhaps you're the unfortunate wearer of such a tattoo. This post is an ode to all of those weird, unexplained, and just plain old confusing tattoos. The worst offenders of confusing tattoos are the ones that didn't start out as a confusing idea. The ones that started off as a decent and even noble idea, but got goofed up along the way, either by an inexperienced tattooist, or scratcher, are a true travesty.

10 Henna Inspired Ink Tattoos

Henna is a beautiful form of non-permanent body art that has become an inspiration for tattoo enthusiasts to get henna designs inked on permanently. Henna has been practiced in Pakistan, Africa, the Middle East, and India for thousands of years. These people of hot and dry climates would use henna to cool their bodies, since the paste used have properties that are naturally cooling. They stay on the body for a few days, but eventually fade off.

10 Best Tiny Tattoos for Women

Tiny tattoos are one of the most popular choices for women when it comes to getting ink. Deciding on getting a smaller tattoos is a good idea for many reasons. If a person is getting their first tattoo, it's smart to start small, since they have not experienced it yet, and don't know what it feels like, what their own tattoo pain tolerance is, and also how their body will react to it. It's a good way to test the tattoo waters, as it were. Some may choose to get a small tattoo because they are not into bigger tattoos.

Animal Tattoos: What's Your Spirit Animal?

Animal tattoos can be one of the best choices to base a tattoo design on. This is especially true when you choose to get an animal that represents something about you, or represent your "spirit animal." Even if you don't know what your true spirit animal is, anyone can think of an animal that they can relate to. If you're a loud, boisterous, extrovert, perhaps a lion or tiger would represent you. If you're more peaceful and calm, perhaps a swan or dove.

10 Coolest Celebrity Tattoos

Celebrity Tattoos are everywhere and are a major influence to the general population when it comes to getting inked. Celebrities start trends, whether in fashion, music, or tattoos. Whether your favorite celebrity is a TV star, movie star, rock star, or other kind of celebrity, there's a reason why you follow them. Celebrities have a certain charisma and energy about them. This is why it's so fascinating to see what their tattoo choices are, good or bad. This list highlights some of the better ones.