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The Delicate Art of Minimalism: 15 Best Minimalist Tattoo Ideas

In the case of the minimalist tattoo, the statement often said, that less is more, is absolutely true! By not overdoing the tattoo design in complexity, color, or verbiage, it takes the viewer straight to the point, whether you care if they understand, or even like the tattoo, at all. Lines, shapes, subtle color, or no color at all, one worded in simple, typewriter style font, or small botanical sketch like tattoos.

10 Best Tattoos for the Year of the Monkey

In this year of the monkey, we see lots of activity ahead. The monkey is a playful creature, and is action based. Hard work and determination will be necessary for this monkey year to be its best! For those who are born in the year of the monkey, we see fun and playful people who are loved by many. If you want to get a monkey tattoo for this year, or because you were born in the year of the monkey, or perhaps you just like monkeys, check out these 10 Best Tattoos for the Year of the Monkey:

15 Best Valentine's Day Tattoo Ideas


Valentine's Day is a day for love, of all kinds. It normally is a day for couples or for those to express their feelings to someone they feel fondly for. Whatever your relationship status may be, enjoy the day, even if it is alone, doing what you want to do, without compromise. If you love Valentine's Day enough to be inspired to get some ink, check out these 15 Best Valentine's Day Tattoo ideas for inspiration:

10 Aries Tattoos

Aries is a willful and strong sign, represented by the Ram. Rams are brave and strong, energetic and optimistic, but can also have terrible tempers and be quite impulsive! If you were born between March 21 to April 20, you are an Aries sign. The ram is the perfect animal to represent this sign, and it's also a strong icon to use for a tattoo design. If you are an Aries and are thinking about getting a tattoo to show your zodiac sign, check out these 10 Aries Tattoos for ideas and inspiration:

10 Best Pisces Tattoos

The Pisces sign is one of the favorites and also one of the most loathed of all the signs. While they are extremely imaginative and creative, compassionate, and sensitive, they can also be overly sensitive, lazy, and play the victim. If you were born between February 19 and March 20, you are a Pisces. Are you considering getting a Pisces tattoo to celebrate your creative, sensitive spirit? Check out these 10 Best Pisces Tattoos for ideas and inspiration:

15 Dagger and Knife Tattoos

Daggers and knives make for some pretty interesting tattoos. From old school, traditional, sailor type dagger tattoos to realistic and even 3 Dimensional styles, the subject matter is intriguing. The element of danger is something that we humans, as a species, are always attracted to, and are yet repelled by because of fear. Something that we use daily, such as a kitchen knife, is also dangerous.

12 Delicate Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos are becoming more popular among younger generations with more young celebrities getting them. Most of these types of finger tattoos are quite small, delicate, and elegant. Because space is limited, and this is a very visible part of the body to get ink on, you must consider wisely what you want seen. If you are considering getting a finger tattoo, check out these 12 Delicate Finger Tattoos for ideas and inspiration:

12 Crazy Cross Stitch Tattoos

There is a new trend in tattoo styles, and it's something that you probably would never have expected! That style is cross stitch! Yes, the stitching made famous by thousands of Grandmothers all over the world is now the hottest tattoo trend. It's easy to see why. Using this style for any number of subject matter, it makes it playful, child-like, and nostalgic.

15 Lovely Lotus Tattoos

The lotus has become a very spiritual icon throughout history, and more people are getting tattoos inspired by the flower. Because of its connection to Buddhism, energy, and symbolic nature of our chakras, it is not hard to see why the lotus is the best choice for many who are going through their spiritual journey and want some ink to help them on their path. Are you thinking about getting a lotus tattoo? Not sure where you want it or what kind of design to get?