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Tattoo 3D: Taking Tattoo to a Whole New Dimension

3D tattoos truly take the art of tattoo to a whole new dimension. The 3D tattoo plays tricks on the eyes, making the viewer's brain read it as something completely different than ink on skin. The brain translates these tattoos as their own separate entities. At least, that's what a true 3D tattoo is supposed to do. Inking a successful 3D tattoo takes true artistic vision and expertise.

10 Shiny Diamond Tattoos

A Diamond Tattoo lasts forever, or at least as long as it possibly can on the wearer's skin. The diamond has long been a symbol of "forever" as well as "lasting love" and "quality." Although it is not the rarest gemstone in the world, it is by far the most popular, especially in modern Western culture, with its longstanding tradition of the engagement and wedding rings.

The Bold Art of Subtlety: White Tattoo

White Tattoos are being requested by tattoo enthusiasts, including enthusiasts who might not otherwise want to get a tattoo, if it weren't for the subtle beauty of white ink. Tattoos have been considered tattoo, or different, for decades. Even though they are more mainstream than ever, they are still outside of the norm. Not everyone is bold enough to want a tattoo that stands out in black in or bright colors.

5 Tramp Stamp Tattoos and 5 Tramp Stamp Fails

Lower back tattoos have been commonly called the "tramp stamp tattoos" for over a decade. Whether or not it warrants the name is a controversy among tattoo enthusiasts. In any case, people know exactly what kind of tattoo and where it's located whenever someone uses the phrase "tramp stamp." Of course, some tramp stamps are classier than others, and can often be a beautiful, artful tattoo that happens to be on the lower back, and accentuates the female form in the best way.

10 Geisha Tattoos: Beauty and Strength

Geisha tattoos have been adopted by all kinds of tattoo enthusiasts from all over the world, from all different backgrounds and cultures. The Geisha is a beautiful Japanese icon, with a rich history. The Geisha was a woman who was trained in the arts, including music, and dancing. It was considered an honor for a woman to become a Geisha. Prostitutes started calling themselves geishas in order to get more business, but they are not the same as a true Geisha.

10 Badass Biomechanical Tattoos

Biomechanical tattoos are  becoming more popular among tattoo enthusiasts. They are very detailed and take a commitment because of the time it takes to successfully execute this style of tattoo. Biomechanical tattoos are reminiscent of science fiction. Most of the tattoos suggest that the tattoo wearer is part cyborg, and the visual gives an peak into the innerworkings. Most biomechanical tattoos are done as partial or full sleeves, but they are also popular on the sides, the back, and the legs.

The Beauty of Breast Cancer Tattoos

Breast Cancer Tattoos are becoming more popular among both breast cancer survivors but also friends and loved ones of someone who has survived, is going through, or has passed away from breast cancer. The pink ribbon has become and international symbol for the epidemic, but also represents the strength and toughness of those fighting the fight against breast cancer. 

10 Hot Thigh Tattoos That Sizzle

The thigh is a large piece of real estate on the human canvas. Thigh tattoos have the potential to be true masterful art pieces. On women thigh tattoos can be very sexy because it's such a sensual area. When getting a tattoo, placement is very important. Places that show commitment are the larger areas, such as sleeves, side ribs, the back, the chest, and the legs. Calf tattoos are more common on men than thigh tattoos. Women are mainly the wearers of thigh tattoos because it accentuates that part of the body.

10 Dreamcatcher Tattoos To Catch Your Attention

Dreamcatcher tattoos are becoming very popular, among both sexes, but because of their delicate quality, are more common among women. Dream catchers have a rich history among Native Americans. The purpose of the dream catcher is to protect those who are sleeping, to catch the bad dreams and nightmares, and to only allow the good dreams to pass to the dreamer. In essense, the dream catcher is somewhat of a filter for dreams.