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20 Best Ethereal Tattoos

Ethereal tattoos are a favorite choice among tattoo enthusiasts who want something meaningful and otherwordly. They are unique and beautiful. Ethereal tattoos have somewhat of a fleeting quality, even though they are as permanent as any other tattoo. The feeling that ethereal tattoos give are a deep appreciation of beauty, more complex feelings of life and death, and a sense of spirituality.


The Leo zodiac sign are those who are born between the dates of July 23-August 22. Leo's are fiery, strong, bold signs that are fun to be around. They can be selfish and lazy however, but for the most part, are wonderul signs and other signs are attracted to their energy. Are you a Leo? Possibly thinking about getting your next zodiac tattoo? Check out these 20 best Leo zodiac tattoos for inspiration and ideas:


The Cancer Zodiac sign pertains to people who are born between the dates of June 21- July 22. Cancers are loyal and dependable people. They are the first people you know will be there when you need help. They can also be moddy and self absorbed, as well as not be a fan of change. Cancers are tender hearted people and often have many friends. Are you a cancer thinking about getting a tattoo to show love for your sign? 


20 Best Paint Stroke Tattoos

Paint stroke tattoos are a growing trend among tattoo wearers, and for good reason. We are attracted to art and expressiveness. We are attracted to paint strokes, especially big, bold, bright paint strokes that convey emotion without words. Because tattoo is an art medium on a living being, why wouldn't paint strokes be the perfect style for self expression on the skin as well as canvas?

20 Tiniest Tattoos With Meaning

Sometimes the tiniest tattoos have the most meaning. A tattoo does not need to be large in scale for it to truly express its wearer. Are you thinking about getting a tattoo that is meaningful to you, but don't want anything too big or obvious? This is the perfect list for you! Check out these 20 tiniest tattoos with meaning for ideas and inspiration:


Godzilla is a classic movie monster; misunderstood and powerful. This icon is loved by fans all around the world. The concept of a giant mutant dinosaur destroying a giant city and fighting other giant monsters sparks the imagination. Are you a fan of Godzilla? Are you wanting to get a tattoo that shows your fandom? Check out these 20 Best Godzilla tattoos for ideas and inspiration:

20 Most Realistic Eye Tattoos

It's said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Whether or not you believe that to be true, eyes are extremely important when it comes to communication among the human species. Eye contact, or lack thereof, can make or break a first impression, or be a tell during an important conversation. It is the first mode of understanding as a baby, and even more complicated still as an adult.

20 Most Realistic Rib Tattoos

The ribs are not an easy part of the body to get inked, which makes this placement most impressive. It's a large part of the body which lends itself for many design possibilities. It's also easily hidden for those who cannot show off their ink at work. Not sure what you want for your rib tattoo? Get inspired and spark some ideas by checking out these 20 most realistic rib tattoos:

20 Creative Foot Tattoo Ideas

Feet are highly underrated as far as the human body is concerned. They get you where you need to go. They protect you when you need to run. When you want to relax and chill, you often kick your shoes off and put your feet up. They are a reflection of our being in the most basic and rooted ways. For such an integral part of the bidy, what more could honor their importance than by adorning them with some amazing, creative ink?