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10 Fantastic Portrait Tattoos

Portrait tattoos, especially realistic portraits, take lots of time and effort. Getting the likeness of a person is not easy, and it's important to make sure that the tattoo artist you hire to create the portrait is experienced not just with tattooing, but also specifically with tattooing portraits. You must see their portfolio and ideally, have seen some of their work in person. Check their reviews online and ask around.

10 Curious Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

Alice in Wonderland is a loved, classic story all over the world with so many fans. With the Disney animated movie, the story garnered even more fans. The following tattoo enthusiasts have taken their love a step further and decided to get tattoos inspired by the story. Some of the tattoos are inspired directly by the Disney movie. If you're looking to get a tattoo based on a story or fairy tale, specifically Alice in Wonderland, check out these 10 Curious Alice in Wonderland Tattoos for ideas: 

10 Captivating Buddha Tattoos

Buddha is a great source of peace and knowledge for many people, Buddhist and non-Buddhists. Buddha is an icon of harmony and inner peace. It's no wonder why so many tattoo enthusiasts have chosen this theme as the perfect subject for their tattoos, many of which are quite large! As human beings, many of us are trying to find ourselves, and a sense of peace and wisdom within ourselves. If you are on your own personal journey of the mind and spirit, checking out some of the teachings of Buddhism might be quite interesting!

Tattoos Based on the 7 Chakras

The seven chakras are believed to be the main sources of our bodies where energy is created and flows through. If any of the main chakras are blocked it can cause stress, frustration, sickness, and other negative effects. The main chakras are as follows:


The Root Chakra: This is our most basic Chakra at the tailbone. It is our energy for being grounded and surviving.

The Sacral Chakra: The Sacral Chakra is located in the lower abdomen. This includes our sexual energy.

10 Tattoos Inspired by The Old West

The Old West fascinates people of all generations from all over the world. It is uniquely part of American history and culture. The stories from the Old West, fact and fiction, have a great sense of adventure, danger, courage. What better subject matter for a badass tattoo? Many Old West fanatics choose to get tattoos commemorating and celebrating the time period because it is so interesting and, let's face it, it just looks so cool. Are you inspired by The Old West?

10 Tattoos Based on Beautiful Typography

There are many tattoos that are solely words or lettering. We have all seen the more common script tattoos that have been used since the beginning of Western tattoo. These days, there are so many options. With the use of computers, we have access to more fonts than ever before. Fonts can be just as expressive as an illustration, if you choose the correct one based on the message, the length of the message, and the placement of the tattoo. For everything to be written or said, there is a font that will be perfect for it.

10 Awful Social Media Tattoos

We all use social media, even those of us who don't like to admit that they do very much. It's been an age of technology for over a decade now, and it only seems to be going further in that direction at a faster pace than ever before. While we are all living and progressing in a technological world, some social media enthusiasts take it too far. For these fanatics, they've decided that the proper way to show their love for social media is to get a permanent tattoo, most of them in very prominent places on their body.

10 Rad 80's Movie Tattoos

The 1980's were an interesting decade of the 20th century. If you grew up in the 80's, movies were a big part of your childhood. So many movies from the time period are still favorites today, and are gaining even more generations of fans. It's no wonder there are quite a few tattoos that depict fans most loved 80's films. What was your favorite 80's movie? See if it's on this list of 10 Rad 80's Movie Tattoos: 

10 Celestial Tattoos

Celestial tattoos are among the most beautiful and awe inspiring tattoos out there. They are usually tone based without heavy handedness, but try to evoke the same kind of wonder that looking up at the night sky and seeing a shooting star, or a full moon, will create. There are countless celestial beings in the sky, many of which we do not even know much about, which create even more magic and mystery for the imagination.

Stunning Tattoos Inspired by Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha was a famous artist and illustrator in the late 19th century and early 20th century. His work was often used for commercial uses like advertising. While his work was many times used for mass consumption, it is no question that his skill and compositions are truly fine art. He is referred to as an Art Nouveau artist, and was one of the best of the movements. There is a level of whimsy and inventiveness in his work that is unique only to Mucha's work.