Why You Should Wear a Lover's Name Tattoo

Published on May 30, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

What’s In a Name?


Do you wear a name tattoo of your beloved?


Rumor has it name tattoos are often one of the most regretful choices, though some tattoo artists and the people who wear them often feel different.

Let’s look at all the reasons a name tattoo may be a fitting option for you.

  • It’s a Good Name- Finding a good name can be quite the challenge. New parents are naming their children such unique and interesting combinations; a classic traditional old school name sort of makes the perfect choice. So whether you love a Michael  or a Claire you can be certain their name will carry on with class.
  • You Forget Names- While not for everyone, a name tattoo to jog your memory is always an option. Who needs a black book or a headboard with tally scratch marks when you can make your conquests permanent? Of course a name tattoo such as this is more fitting for the eternal bachelor, that doesn’t mean you can’t try your luck and see how many scratches it takes till you find true love.
  • You Share a Name- A joint name can be a wonderful thing, especially in a situation just like this. A name tattoo will convey your attachment and commitment to your partner without any real investment from you. Perhaps a little vain, but should you part -that name tattoo is all about you!
  • Law of Attraction- Perhaps a little metaphysical, the law of attraction is a very strong force that can work its magic if you really focus your thought and energies into it. Maybe you want to date an Adam or fall in love with a Pearl? Both of these name tattoos can be inked anywhere you’d like, to help draw your lover right to you. (Like a magnet.)


And don’t feel bad if your friends want to meet Pearl and you have to drum up excuse after excuse. Pearl is a very unique name and let’s face it- she’s special enough for you to get it tattooed. Of course they want to meet the girl worthy of your canvas. (They’ll have to wait.)


Should things head south between you and Pearl once again the boat remains afloat. Opt for an Old School ship tattoo, throw down an anchor and draw a banner around the (Black) Pearl’s name.


So which name are you going to tattoo? Leave a comment at discuss.tattoo


Give us some ideas and let’s start a tattoo trend. You can start  with Jodie.


Images courtesy AJ Linger and Andrea Key


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