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What Makes a Tattoo Art?

Naomi V
Posted by Naomi V May 6, 2014

Tattoos have a long and rich history that spans among cultures and classes. There are stereotypes also associated with tattoo, but things are starting to change within the realm of tattoo culture. More people from different walks of life are adoopting tattoo as an acceptable form of personal adornment. Even moreso, people are starting to see tattoo for what it is - a true artform. While tattoo art is becoming less taboo and more largely appreciated, there still are some differences between tattoos and those we can deem as tattoo art. The latter takes more time, dedication, creativity, and let's face it, more money.


Good tattoos versus Bad Tattoos

We have all seen amazing tattoos that make our jaws drop as we seeth with admiration and envy.  We all have our favorite tattoo artists and if we're fortunate enough, have had the pleasure of getting their artwork permanently on us. Unfortunately, we may have seen even more tattoos that are awful or uncreative. Even worse, are the tattoo FAILS. There are whole websites dedicated to this, and the internet is never short on memes for #tattoofail. I'm sure even some of you, my dear readers, have fallen victim to bad tattoos. If you're lucky, you've gotten it removed through laser treatment or with a great cover up. It's very easy to be able to tell the difference between tattoos that can be seen as art and tattoos that well, just can't. 


Tattoo Artists versus Scratchers

Who is your favorite tattoo artist? Within our community, we know that great tattoo artists are extremely talented, creative, dedicated, knowledgable, and skilled artists. They have spent years in apprenticeships and continue to learn and hone their craft. They are honest and transparent with each client and understanding their needs. This is permanent art on skin, and it's nothing to take lightly. Even though tattoo artists are true artists, there are just as many wanna-be tattooists cropping up every day. They don't want to put in the time to truly learn the craft, or even put in the hours to master artwork on paper before they even touch skin. Because it's so easy to buy tattoo supplies online, anybody can get the tools and do real damage pretending to be artists. These people are called "scratchers." Beware of these scratchers. They will lure you in with fake portfolios and cheap rates. What you could really be getting is a crappy tattoo-which is the best case scenario. The worst things that could happen? Infections and even diseases from unsanitary conditions. That's right, because real tattoo artists must learn about sanitation practices and bloodborne pathogens and all kinds of other things that the common scratcher has no idea about. If you want real tattoo art, stick with a true tattoo artist.


Famous Tattoo Artists

Some famous tattoos artists that create true art are artists like Kat Von D, Mike Devries, Liz Cook, Nikki Hurtado, Roman Abrego, Placaso, Grime, Scott Campbell, Steve Moore, Julie Becker, Chris Garver, Erin Chance, Nick Baxter, Goethe, Mr. Cartoon... the list goes on and on! Who's your favorite tattoo artist? Add their name in a comment below!


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Image credit: MD Tattoo Studio and Ventura Tattoo and Piercing

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