What Makes the Best Tattoo?

Perhaps you’ve scrolled through varied tattoo magazines and have seen the magnificent talent that exists in the tattoo industry.


Today, many artists post their tattoo design portfolios on all types of social media, from Instagram, Facebook, and even right here on Tattoo.com.


If you’re curious about getting your first tattoo, or already have existing ink that pales in comparison to what you see in the professional world of body art, you may find yourself wondering “What makes the best tattoo?”


Here are a few tips that will help you achieve body art that’s off the charts spectacular. It’s not just one thing, but many, that create these amazing works of art.


Design Idea

Even if your request is simple, such as a feather tattoo, you should always ask your professional tattoo artist  to take your idea and expand upon it to create a custom tattoo design. First, most tattoo artists will not copy an image you find on Google or Pinterest. They’ll want to use their own work, so let them.


You can meet with your artist beforehand by booking a tattoo consultation. From there he will take the basic idea and add his own creativity to the mix. Once a design is agreed upon, the real fun begins.


Artist Skill

Even if your tattoo artist has drawing skills, he’ll still need to execute them on skin rather than canvas. This takes practice and a steady hand. Check out his portfolio and look for strong line work. Also ask to see tattoos that are fully healed. Once you start viewing portfolios you’ll begin to see the difference between quality and shoddy tattoos. Don’t make the mistake of selecting the wrong artist for your body art. It takes time to find a reputable and professional tattoo artist. You can search for local tattoo artists in your area in our tattoo artist directory.



It’s not just the design and the artist that makes a pleasing pair; it’s also the tattoo placement. Tattoos should flatter your body and to do that, they must be placed in the correct location for both their size and style. Your artist will have lots of things to consider when drawing your custom tattoo. First, the scale of the details based on the overall tattoo size, and then of course how to place this on your body for peak visibility and best results. A tattoo can flatter your frame, draw attention to your best assets,  and even cover-up and conceal things you’re unhappy with, including stretch marks or scars.  The proper body placement, design idea, and the most talented tattoo artist you can afford, will all help you get the best tattoo.


Why not submit a tattoo design estimate and get the creative ball rolling? Our tattoo design process is fast, simple, and fun!


Images courtesy Art by Mike  Garcia- Arlington, Texas