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Published on April 26, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Are you looking for a tattoo shop in Vegas?


From Black and Grey to New School designs, I spent a few moments speaking with Ashley, a West Coast Tattoo shop apprentice who is busy learning the craft from a spectacular and eclectic crew.


Tell me about your shop and the West Coast Tattoo shop in Vegas and the resident artists:

We’re all very diverse. Kevin specializes in Black and Grey and Realism tattoos. Jake does lots of color and New School designs. Nathan masters Old School Traditional tattoos; Bronson works a Polynesian style, Japanese and script.


How long are artists trained at the West Coast Tattoo shop in Vegas?

It really depends on their skill level and their teacher, though everyone has a traditional two year apprenticeship.


How do you find new inspirations for your tattoo designs?

A lot of things, it really depends. I like black and grey, and I’m inspired by nature and the early 1900s, specifically the 1920s and the 1950s.


What personal sacrifices have you made to become a professional tattoo artist?

Being able to be diverse in art.  In the beginning I came from a fashion design background, working with a very avante garde style. I’ve had to learn how to put people’s own visions into a tattoo.


Describe a time you where you believe your talent truly helped someone?

There are people that get memorial tattoos for their children, parents, pets, brothers or sisters, to get their peace. Those are very sad but significant tattoos.


What is the greatest professional goal you have achieved as a tattoo artist?

Tattooing has made me become very diverse and has expanded my vision as an artist. I’ve learned how to do different styles being able to adapt. I’ve used my experience in water coloring, charcoal drawing and oil painting to enhance my work.


What are some of the current trends at your shop in Vegas?

For trends we see lots of Infinity symbols,  feather tattoos with birds, anchor tattoos and lots of girly and cute dainty tattoos.


When you aren’t tattooing, you can be found…

I knit and draw.


Describe the West Coast Tattoo shop in Vegas in just a few words:

West coast Tattoo is really like family. We are an awesome shop. We treat our clients well; we cater to our client needs. We are not overpriced and we are a shop that truly cares. We’ll question some of the designs if we need to, that way we can bring the customer’s ideas to life. Tattooing is really a journey. 


If you want to check out the artist portfolios or leave a review, be sure to visit the West Coast Tattoo Shop in Vegas Member Profile.


Images courtesy West Coast Tattoo


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