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Published on March 28, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

With a strong focus on colorful and bold Realism tattoos, Paul Morrow, Owner and Tattoo Artist of Wades Tattoo LLC in Sidney, Ohio, simply has a passion for people.


“Not everyone is the same,” Paul explains, “Each day I tattoo someone new, with a different story, and a completely different tattoo. That’s what motivates me.”


“We’re also seeing a lot more women in our shop, but it’s sort of always been that way. Women are allowed to have big pieces, not just butterflies and roses. Now we’re doing bright and colorful tattoos on them that include skulls and flowers. About 65% of our current customers are women, I don’t know if that’s just my shop or if it’s happening everywhere, but that’s what we get.”


When it comes to flash art, Paul said his shop will happily do flash,  but nearly 85% of their tattoos are custom designed. “I bought this shop five years ago, though I started working here over six years back. Back then it was pretty much all flash, but not anymore.”


Paul has three other artists in his shop along with a body piercer. What’s his personal training method for aspiring tattoo artists? “In my shop they all start as body piercers and then they draw, draw, draw. And then draw some more.”


When asked a time that he believed his work most impacted a customer, Paul told the story of a woman who just lost her husband and was grieving. “I tattooed a portrait of her husband on her. And she just cried throughout the whole session, tears. They weren’t tears of pain either; she wasn’t flinching in any sort of pain from the physical process.  She just…missed him. And you could tell.”


This is exactly what makes body art such a beautiful medium to capture, preserve, and honor life and its treasured moments.


Whether you seek a colorful and bright floral design that covers your back, or a custom design that speaks to you, the artists at Wades are all talented, experienced, and capable of honoring your design requests. You can book an appointment for a consultation or stop by the shop anytime to get inspired by their flash, or to speak with them about something new and different.


Have you been tattooed by Paul Morrow or any of the other artists at this tattoo shop?  Pass along your experience to other tattoo enthusiasts, and leave a review for Wade’s Tattoo by visiting their member profile.


Images courtesy Wades Tattoo LLC


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