Violet Rose Releases ‘Plastic’ EP

Published on November 10, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Los Angeles songstress, Violet Rose, has a head full of magic and creates sensation on a myriad of levels throughout the release of her seemingly interstellar EP, ‘Plastic’. Entrancing beats throughout the first track, “Turn Me On”, greases the wheels and blends into the lyrical embrace of Violet’s feminine, sensual nature as her sexual vitality vividly glows beyond bedroom walls. “Ignite” is the second track in which Violet explores the possibility of sparking a connection with a fellow human being beyond the physical while she sheds light on her own unique flavor of radiance and upholds the rhythm and cadence of a life internally well-lived.


The third track, “Plastic”, slows it down into a mesmerizing lyrical embodiment that highlights that Violet is well-informed of her standout quirks, foreign characteristics, vexatious ticks, learning style, mental capacity and unique talents, and she won’t back down or play a fictitious role to meet the insincere and fabricated needs of another.


Closing out with “Same Girl”, Violet puts self-proclaimed hotshots who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk lyrically on blast and subliminally strips the precarious cloak off of a lover that doesn’t mesh with the empowered chapter of life that she is currently within. Violet is far from simple and won’t giggle or agree with everything another has to say; the woman lives life and moves in her own way.


There’s a whole world of magnetizing auras, brilliant minds, intoxicating glares, feelings that stand the test of time and a variety of remarkably bizarre connections out there for Violet to explore, and it is evident throughout ‘Plastic’ that she has checked the mere thought of settling for less at the door.


If you’re a fan of artists such as BANKS, Sohn, Dua Lipa and Lykke Li, then check out what Violet Rose has to offer and keep an eye out for new releases on Soundcloud.



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