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Published on August 15, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Rev Benson, owner of Tulsa Tattoo Co. in Oklahoma, has worn many different hats in his time in the tattoo industry. Not only is he an awesome tattoo artist, but he is also part rebel, part visionary, and part activist.


When Rev first began working as an apprentice at T-town, the tattoo industry was still against the law. He and others did it anyway, but he wasn't content to stop there. As twenty year old secretary for the Oklahoma Body Arts Coalition, Rev was instrumental in the successful lobbying for the decriminalization of the tattoo industry.

Benson prefers the diversity of tattooing in all styles rather than specializing in one area. When you walk into his shop, the first thing you notice is the modern style in an open, friendly and clean atmosphere. Rev took a moment to chat with us and share his shop experiences.


What has been the craziest experience you’ve had in your tattoo chair?
I had one client tell me she was Jesus Christ, son of the devil. I responded that I was Mickey Mouse and that she could get out.

What is your current demographic at Tulsa Tattoo Co. in Oklahoma?
It’s really a lot of young women. We’re serving lots of people age eighteen through thirty-five.

What is the best advice for someone getting their first tattoo?
Put the time in to find the right artist and be in charge of the process. Don’t get pushed around. Be the boss of the process. Another smart idea is to ask questions. Talk to your friends who already have tattoos. Let their mistakes or experiences guide you in deciding on your own body art.

What sets Tulsa Tattoo Co. in Oklahoma apart from the rest of the shops in the area?
We’re not grooming egos here. We don’t pretend to be booked if we’re not, and that happens a lot in the industry. Artists will tell you they are booked months in advance to increase their desirability, but if you wait around ten minutes you’ll see them sitting there on their iPhones, posting on Facebook or whatever. It’s really true. They’ll do this. We won’t turn people away. We welcome everyone.


Rev has already helped revolutionize the tattoo industry in his state. His vision is still changing the world, one tattoo at a time. Let him change

your world.


Images courtesy Tulsa Tattoo Co.

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