Travel and Tourism Tattoo Design Ideas

Published on April 14, 2014 by Jodie Michalak


Perhaps you’re the sort of person who likes to plan ahead.


If you’re packing for a trip, your suitcase lies open, slowly filled throughout the week with a carefully edited wardrobe, just perfect for your destination.


Ladies, you have twice the tops as you do bottoms, a spare swimsuit, and a few evening dresses. For the men (who aren’t doing much of the packing) you’re prepared with dress shirts, Speedos, and a few nice pairs of pants or shorts.  (And don’t forget your sunblock, since you’re smart and protective of your tattoos).


The art of packing is a useful skill to master, even though it’s a chore. Once you have life and your plans sorted out, you realize just how little you really need to stow along. That’s actually good because it gives you more time (and saves you money!) so that you can select a tourism tattoo shop instead.


Be sure to scope out the artists in your neck of the woods through our handy map locator.


Here are my picks for tourist theme tattoo designs, because let’s face it- they beat a postcard.

  1. States- State tattoos may not appeal to everyone, but they are an engaging idea for the traveling tattoo collector. Imagine a sleeve with Route 66, or a tree and a bear with a Colorado border?
  2. Flowers- Maybe you’re not into maps, and that’s understandable.  A more appealing tattoo for you may be a floral design. Consider the state flowers and create a sleeve that’s bright and exquisite. If you’re in Texas, you may choose Bluebonnets, whereas Oregon will take the Grape.
  3. Automobiles- Planes, trains or automobiles? The commute often makes the trip, so why not consider the journey rather than a destination? I for one will take the train. And I believe a train tattoo back piece would be quite stunning for either a conductor or a sightseer who appreciates the most romantic mode of travel.
  4. Hearts- Perhaps your destination is elopement? You most certainly may choose a heart tattoo to commemorate your vacation and forever union. If you’re gambling eternity with vows in Vegas, a slot machine may symbolize the ching ching of your love.
  5. Cultural or Tribal Designs: If you travel to the Northwest, Bryan Child of Spidermonkey Tattoos says his shop specializes in some of the popular trout, salmon, trees and Coastal Tribal tattoos that are native in the region. Every state has its own history, so why not discover the past and make it permanent?


P.S. If you visit Pennsylvania, you can tattoo a key for me, or ring my bell! Now get back to packing. Or better yet, check out the shops.


Images courtesy miguel bohigues


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