Top Four Mom Tattoo Designs

Published on May 6, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Now I don’t know about you but if there is ever a time one of my two boys comes home with their first tattoo, it had better say Mom on it.


No matter your opinion of body art, I believe Mom tattoos are accepted by every parent.


So if you’re easing into the tattoo lifestyle and want a design that scores you a few points before busting out the skulls and daggers, a Mom tattoo is a safe bet.

That doesn’t mean you have to wear a heart with Mom’s name however, there are plenty of ways to honor thy mother.


Portraits- I think it’s a little scary to suggest a portrait tattoo of Mom but I will anyway, because worst case scenario, things will be pretty bad.


Portraits are NOT easy for an artist to do unless they are very skilled in this style. You’ll need to look at artist portfolios, preferably with photographs of the tattooed, and the finished tattoos to see their exactness and attention to detail.


Quote- Your Mom certainly has a few favorite quotes that she has repeated over and over throughout the years. They may even be a song lyric. Lettering tattoos are quite popular and can pay respect to Mama, just try to keep her words short and sweet, up to three words if mama can stop at that.


Roses- But of course your Mother deserves a rose tattoo. Roses are a symbol of love. Whether you opt for a black and grey floral, or color Mom’s Rosa red, this timeless tattoo design always makes her feel loved, so give yourself some flowers this year!


Heart- The classic Mom heart tattoo is practically foolproof. Just make sure you check the spelling, and place your Mom heart somewhere you can proudly show it off.

Biceps, collarbone, wrist, forearm, you know… somewhere Mom can see it during a disagreement. It will help score some points whenever needed.


Do you have a Mom tattoo? Does your Mom have a tattoo? What will you do with Mom this Mother’s Day?


Perhaps you should request a custom tattoo design and surprise Mom with a permanent reminder of your love?


After all, it’s probably the only name tattoo you can wear without regrets. And that will make mom sort of proud. Don’t you think?


(Billy always was a smart boy!)


Image courtesy Travis Thorpe and Bryan Ross


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