Top Five Things That Could Go Wrong On Friday the 13th If You Don’t Update Your Member Profile

Published on June 11, 2014 by Jodie Michalak


Top Five Things That Could Go Wrong On Friday the 13th


(If You Don’t Update Your Member Profile)



What started as a superstition has since become a marathon of sorts for tattoo artists around the country who ink small itty bitty tattoo designs for the going rate of just $13, all day long on Friday the 13th.


Is your tattoo studio down with the hype?


Now of course there are those artists (who may attract bad luck) by not taking part in this time honored tradition.


We know your skill and talent are worth so much more, which is exactly why we feature a custom design and estimate request process where potential clients can check you out, and together you can decide if it’s a match worthy of your time and investment.


Alas, Friday the 13th is not the day to do that. Because tattoos can sometimes lead to regret you need more reasons to promote yourself on this cursing day.

In fact without a little enticement, patrons are likely to spend their money elsewhere and doing different things INSTEAD of getting a tattoo.


Don’t believe me?


Consider Yourself Warned


Here’s the Top Five Things That Can Go Wrong on Friday the Thirteenth


1.You’ll drop your iPhone and the screen will break (Good luck fixing that one. It’ll be a few months.)

2. Your coffee maker will die. (Not a morning person? Your coffee pot knew that.)

3. Your car won’t switch out of park. Yeah this one is a real shocker. It actually happened to me. It took about four hours, fears of a new transmission, and a brother in law to pop a piece of plastic out of my shifter interlock solenoid safety lock (write this down) to avoid a much worse fate. For now I have been spared. You?  Perhaps not.

4. Your cat will have kittens. Sure you should have had her spayed, but who knew your cat would get pregnant in just the few times she escaped out your front door? Duh.

5. (They’ll all be black.)


Enough said!


Is your shop joining the crusade against a BAD LUCK DAY?


Update your Member Profiles and upload your $13 designs.

You’ll be happy you did.


(And if you don’t have a cat you’re already cursed, so good luck with that.)


Images courtesy Stumblecol and Black Cat Tattoos


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