Top Five Cool Tattoos for Summer

Published on May 23, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Top Five Cool Tattoos for Summer

Forget the heat and chill with the following cool tattoos for summer.


As the mercury rises, so can your cool factor when you make the following cool tattoos for summer an endless addition to your body art. While these designs may not be original, a professional tattoo artist can make even the most basic inspiration a custom piece.


Suggestions for Cool Tattoos

Sun Tattoos: The sun emits life, energy and power to the universe and all living things. Much as the sun is the center of our solar system, a prominent sun tattoo can become the central focus of your body art. Consider a back piece, chest or a stomach sun tattoo.

Ship Tattoos: Ahoy! Your ship has come in and summer is the time for travel. Embark those seas with a ship tattoo that anchors the theme of a cool tattoo for summer. Where is your next body art destination? Ship tattoos look good on the back of the calf, forearm, upper arm and the back.

Tropical Flowers: Tiger Lily, Hibiscus and Gardenia to name a few, cool tattoos for summer always include a few exotic blooms. For more detail consider incorporating a tropical flower tattoo into skulls, vases, or lettering tattoos.

Aztec: When the sun is beating down like Montezuma’s revenge, a cool tattoo in the form of an Aztec sun will signify your bold and fearless spirit in the face of its wrath.

Koi Fish: Swimming up the White River in hopes to transcend into a dragon a Koi is symbolic of perseverance, determination and transformation. One of the most popular and classic unisex tattoo designs, the Japanese Koi fish proves change can only happen through determination.


Protecting Your Cool Tattoo in the Summer

Remember a cool tattoo will not prevent sunburn, and you’ll still have to protect your skin from the sun’s rays to prevent premature fading of your body art. An SPF 30 will best prolong the life of your cool tattoo if applied liberally whenever you head outdoors, especially on overcast days.


If you are freshly inked, it will be necessary to avoid sun exposure altogether during the healing period of your cool tattoo. Diligently follow the tattoo aftercare instructions provided by your artist to ensure best results and the continued beauty of your cool tattoo.


These cool tattoo suggestions are classic designs for summer.


Image courtesy Sobay Tay2 and Flesheaters Ink


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