Tipsy in Chelsea - ‘Gaslighter’ Review

Published on April 5, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

If you’re sipping a glass of wine while unwinding after a long day, then the vocals of Trish Thompson and Tipsy in Chelsea will disentangle your wretched thoughts and leave you in a state of utter bliss. The smooth Bossa Nova vibes laced with Modern feels of old-school Counting Crows over Tipsy in Chelsea’s latest release, ‘Gaslighter’, create a synergetic work of musical art that is deserving of attention.


The album kicks off with a beautiful track, “Laugh Til I Cry”, that shines a light on Trish Thompson’s vocal expertise that literally takes listeners breath away. The second track, “You are the Sun”, is a heartwarmer with lyrics that have the ability to charm the devil over a round of beers on a summer patio.


“Fade or Remain” opens with an instrumental patch that is reminiscent of Sting & The Police, and abruptly falls into a sentimental track highlighting personal experiences while setting Tipsy in Chelsea welcomingly free of recent musical trends. Trish Thompson’s heart is wide open over the fourth track and Badfinger cover, “Day After Day”, that is phenomenally composed with an elegant touch that compliments the British Rock Band that certainly made their mark in musical history.


The fifth track, “Twisted”, is a candid track of a warrior woman’s discovery of her inner voice and self through the trials and tribulations of connecting with another soul. Kicking off with the sounds of a 50’s Television show, Tipsy in Chelsea explodes into a beautifully mastered that alights listeners that are suddenly sent into total immersion of Trish’s vocal range and sporadically raspy, grungy delivery.


The album closes with a cover of “Precious of Me” by Phil Seymour that keeps the message intact while slightly transforming the original sound with a distinguished groove that is affectionate and welcoming.


Although Tipsy in Chelsea doesn’t establish a sense of momentum throughout ‘Gaslighter’, their intention of putting together a mollifying and balanced release that serves a romantic mood was met with grace and makes ‘Gaslighter’ certainly worth your time.



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