Published on September 19, 2016 by Steph Castor

Mobile and internet-based entertainment might consist of groundbreaking technology in the grand scheme of pixel culture, but true gamers can never forget the source for modern trends. Back when video games still existed in analog format, arcades were the ultimate after-school destination. Game such as Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Galaga, and even more developed console classics like Super Mario were all the foundation for millennial obsessions such as Pokemon Go and Candy Crush. Here are a handful of tattoos inspired by retro arcade games that prove legends can never die, especially if no one ever beats your high score.

This generically fashioned yet vibrant old school arcade set up features the iconic greyish-green screen, multi-colored joysticks, action buttons, and token slots-- all of which fueled the early gaming economy.

Many vintage B-movie horror flicks created terror in the haunting of an unplugged arcade game. Truthfully, these stationary modules created community and tradition-- back before wireless technology took over the world. 


This awesome Galaga inspired tattoo offers the best of the game's overall premise. The artist perfectly captured the pixels and still managed to give the 2D art a sense of movement.

This large and jagged pixel piece shows the orange, yellow, red and blue circle of life that exists in the world of Pac Man. Perhaps it was the real inspiration behind "The Human Centipede."

This classically influenced 1970s video game totem features all of the favorite characters from the industry's most beloved arcade staples.

This killer head tattoo looks painful, but it is nonetheless a lively portrayal of the cherry-hunting Mrs. Pac Man being chased by a pale ghost.

And lastly, here is a uniquely intense rendition of Galaga which introduces a cosmic sky fashioned like a Van Gogh painting while creating depth with scaled fireballs and a distant army of insect-like spaceships.


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