Tattoos for Girls

Published on April 25, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Are you looking for a new style of tattoos for girls?


While anyone can wear any design their heart desires, the following tattoos for girls are suitable examples of styles that can still look feminine, if that’s the look you’re after.


Ribbons and Bows: There’s just something undeniably girly about a bow. Perhaps it takes us back to childhood when girls wore ribbons in their hair. Ribbon and bow tattoos can look super sweet when places around the wrists, thigh and even the neckline.

Cameo and Jewelry: Jewelry tattoos are a beautiful choice for men and women. If you have a cherished heirloom, you may choose to tattoo a cameo, a rosary or a locket as your perfect tattoo for girls.

Gypsies and Pin-Ups- If you support women and see them as your muse for both strength and ambition, you may pay homage to their beauty with a tattoo for girls that depicts leading ladies. Old school Traditional gypsies and pin-ups look sweet and sexy on the bicep, upper leg, and even shoulder blades.

Insects: Some tattoos for girls are nature inspired, and that includes the ever-popular insect designs. Moths, butterflies, spiders and grasshoppers have many significant different meanings that may appeal to you, and their also a fitting tattoo for girls style.

Flowers: Needing no further introduction or explanation, flower tattoos are a lovely tattoo for girls suggestion. From roses to sunflowers, and every bloom in between, flower tattoos are colorful, happy and always in season.

Quotes: Script tattoos continue to be a popular tattoos for girls suggestion. Many women ink simple verses such as ‘Believe’, ‘Faith’ or ‘Strength ‘whereas others tattoo longer verses or Psalms for permanent inspiration. If you want a tattoo  for girls that speaks your mind, consider a quote  tattoo.

Mythical Tattoos: Pegasus, Unicorns, Medusa, Magical Mushrooms and even rainbows are all examples of fantasy and fairytale inspired  mythical tattoos for girls. These enchanting tattoos look fantastical and help preserve the innocence of your childhood.


Tattoos for Girls Placement

Some women are trigger shy when it comes to permanent tattoo designs, and that’s actually smart. If you’re the type of girl that likes to change your outfit, your hairstyle, your nail polish or your shoes, you’ll really want to invest a significant amount of time when choosing a tattoo for girls.


If you’re uncertain of a design that can stand the test of your time, perhaps placing one in a less obvious spot is the best suggestion?


It’s not about being “tough” or afraid of making a permanent mark, it’s about lifelong commitment. Some girls just like to change things up, frequently at that. A tattoo for girls design is going to lock you down to a specific style and statement FOREVER, unless you opt for laser tattoo removal or consider a cover-up design.


Making a Commitment and Other Fears

So when tattoos for girls choices are never ending and inspiration can be found anywhere, how does a girl make a commitment?


If you’re fickle in relationships, or tend to wear “different wigs”, you may look to something more meaningful for a tattoo, rather than any of these popular tattoos for girls suggestions.


Memorial tattoos, birthdate or child footprint designs, Zodiac symbols, or even portrait designs will have more meaning than just your typical sweet and girly tattoos.

It’s not that ice-cream, and cupcakes and lollipops can’t look enticing and feminine and sickeningly sweet, you just may decide later you have no real attachment to a Tootsie Pop.


How many licks will it take until you reach the perfect girly design, meant just for you?


Keep going! Or submit a Custom Tattoo Design Request and commission an artist to help.


Image courtesy Jordan Pellon and Jenny Forth


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