Tattoos, Designs and Self Expression

Published on April 22, 2014 by Naomi V

The love for tattoos is a lifelong passion. Tattoos and designs are a way for people to truly express themselves. Life is about expression. It's about the individual journal and personal truth. Tattoo provides a medium that involves physical pain and is permanent on the human body-the vessel of our soul for our entire life on this planet. It's up to us on how we want to adorn our bodies while we live in them. It's how we present ourselves to the world.


Sure, some people get tattoos as a novelty, without a lot of thought, the same way they'd get a new T-shirt or bumper sticker. Most people who collect tattoos, however, want a tattoo that is meaningful and personal. Some may want a tattoo to symbolize a major change in their life or a milestone like turning into an adult, or having a child or graduating school. Tattoos are also part of the grieving process for many a collector. The persona;ized artwork and the physical pain can help them move forward after a loved one passes, because they know they carry that memorial everywhere they go. A tattoo may truly represent the person and their attributs, strengths or even weaknesses. Some may get a tattoo done that no one else knows the meaning of but the wearer.


It starts with the design-the tattoo artwork. When something is extremely meaningful to a person, spending time on the artwork should be paramount. You can revise a drawing, but it's much harder to revise a tattoo once it's on skin. It's important to find the right artist to do the job. The idea can be amazing but if the artist is not experienced enough or an expert in the style necessary, it will not read through. If you don't have someone in mind for exactly what you want, we have hundreds of artists from all around the world who are experts at creating custom tattoos. All you need to do to get in touch with them is post a custom tattoo design request! Let's keep tattoo culture alive and make sure it evolves into the art that it truly is.


Tattoos, designs, art, EXPRESSION!


Image credit: Mike Devries and Chris Breska


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