Tattooing by Ron in Little Marsh, PA

Published on August 22, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

For Ron Peddigree of  Tattooing by Ron in Little Marsh, PA, tattooing is just a way of life. That's how it's been his entire life; a life that he considers very special.

Since he opened up his private, appointment only studio in the hills of Pennsylvania, Ron’s passion for the industry continues.


While he may be “old school,” Ron is just one of many professional tattoo artists that understand his new business is driven by the Internet.

“I’m being very respectful to the other tattoo shops and artists in my area. I’m advertising my services through referral only. I don’t do walk-in appointments. I’m not throwing up an advertisement in the paper. It’s time to get with the times and on the Internet. A few quick contacts on email, or on Skype, and after viewing my portfolio, the customer and I can both decide if we’re a good fit.” 

While Ron Peddigree has survived several shifts in the tattoo industry since he started over thirty years ago, some things will never change.

“It’s very rewarding for me to do something so permanent for someone that puts a smile on their face and makes them happy. People need things to take their minds off the nonsense in the world. When I draw something for someone and then tattoo it, they walk out of here knowing they have something no one else has. That’s what makes it worthwhile. Especially doing memorial tattoos. Those just really light me up.”


“I have over forty pieces on my body. Most of it was my own ideas. I’ve been part of the community since meeting Lyle Tuttle and Jack Rudy back in the day. From Sailor Jerry Collins to Spider Web and Guy Aitchison, there are so many dynamite artists that inspire my work. However, we older school guys have stepped back and recognized the quality and the art of new artists that specialize in realistic and portrait tattoos. If you meet someone with that touch, you should apprentice them.”

Those are wise words from a man that has relied on his creativity and talent his entire adult life. While Ron is certainly prepared for any drastic changes in the tattoo industry at his Tattooing by Ron studio in Little Marsh, PA, he knows his steadfast commitment; passion for continued learning, and old school, easy-going nature will keep him afloat through the years ahead. “I’ve been fortunate, in that I’m able to mold and mesh. That’s a beautiful experience, and what inspires me to evolve as an artist.”

To contact Ron, view his portfolio, or review his work, be sure to check out Tattooing by Ron in Little Marsh, PA Member Profile.

Image courtesy Ron Peddigree


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