Video Round Up 12/9-12/16

Published on December 16, 2013 by Leo Gomon
Bang Bang

It’s a bit special this week as we included two of our own new videos in our round up. This week’s list features five brand new videos; watch Brian Gonzales tattoo collector David Olvera, meet the artists at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo in Layton, Utah, meet tattooer of the stars, Bang Bang NYC, watch MR X beautifully narrate his history, and take a look at some of Vince Hemingson stunning (NSFW) photography.


1. Return Customers: Brian Gonzales - Find Your Ink TV



It’s been a long time coming, but we finally released our second tattoo artist/collector video. This time, David Olvera, who manages Tower Tattoo in Fresno, CA, takes a trip to Inkslingers Studio in Alhambra, CA to get tattooed by acclaimed black and grey realism artist Brian Gonzales. Gonzales, who works alongside other amazing black and grey artists Fernie Andrade and Fred Flores, didn’t come from an artistic background, but his tattoo work suggests otherwise. If you missed it, check out our first collector video with Josh Duffy.


2. Inside Look: Lucky Bamboo Tattoo - Find Your Ink TV



Jared Preslar started Lucky Bamboo Tattoo because he was unhappy with the shops he had worked at beforehand, and wanted to create something unique. With three unique artists at his side, Preslar created a comfortable, upscale, sterile and private tattoo studio that focuses on creating custom tattoos and fine art pieces. Active in the community, Lucky Bamboo also hosts an “art night” on the first Thursday of every month, holding painting seminars and workshops to spread their love of art.


3. Show and Prove Ep. 1 feat. Bang Bang - Karmaloop TV




Bang Bang is a New York based tattoo artist that has made a name for himself by tattooing huge names like Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Adele, but it took him a long time to get where he is. In this video, Bang Bang talks about the trials and tribulations he went through as a young tattoo artist in the big city. Hard work and discipline obviously paid off; Bang Bang always took his craft seriously and made many sacrifices to achieve what he has. His signature move is to have his celebrity clients tattoo him. Cool, calm and collected, Bang Bang has got a good head on his shoulders.


4. MR X by Alex Nicholson - Sang Blieu


MR X by Alex Nicholson from Sang Bleu on Vimeo.



In this stunning and emotional expose’, London based tattoo artist MR X narrates the story of his life both tattooing and not. As he talks, his tattoos come to life on his body and seep off. From his early life as a drug addict, to some of the regretful acts he committed, to seeing his first tattoo, to his humble beginnings as an artist, to the meanings of his body ink, this captivating short film is a must see.


5. Tattoo Project: Body. Art. Image. (NFSW 18+) - Vince Hemingson


Tattoo Project: body. art. image. (18+) Photography by Vince Hemingson from Vince Hemingson on Vimeo.



More of a moving slideshow than a video, Vince Hemingson’s photography showcases the whimsical beauty of the naked human canvas and the vivid body art it carries. Not much content in here, just a nice collection of beautiful women with beautiful tattoos. Just a warning, don’t watch this video at work as it involves nudity. Enjoy! 


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