Video Round Up 12/2-12/9

Published on December 10, 2013 by Leo Gomon
Carlos Torres Painting

Welcome to the latest video round up where gives you your weekly dose of the latest tattoo videos from around the world. This week, we take a closer look at an upcoming documentary series, Sacred Skin, Monami Frost is metaphorically baptized and transformed in ink, Travis Barker debuts his new series, and Carlos Torres talks painting - Enjoy!


1. Sacred Skin In India - Maellyn Macintosh


Sacred Skin in India from Maellyn Macintosh on Vimeo.



In her latest project, documentary filmmaker Maellyn Macintosh aims to trace and preserve the roots of traditional body modifications ranging from scarification to tattoos to piercing and stretching. “Sacred Skin” aims to be a series that explores the reasons, meanings, symbolism and methods behind these fascinating rituals of remote tribes and peoples that are not well chronicled. Visually stunning and intriguing, Macintosh asks for your help to fund and document these dying practices before they are rendered extinct - follow this link for more information -


2. Monami Frost - Blank is Boring - KIWIEonWALL



Alternative/Tattoo model Monami Frost has been a strong advocate for individuality and self expression through body modifications. Her latest video, a surreal look at a metaphorical transformation from “blank” into something more interesting is a visually stunning and sort of bizarre work of art. Complete with cinematic filmography and “Inception” music, it’s hard to really figure out what the video is about, but it is definitely worth a watch.


3. Tattoo Tuesdays: Episode 1 - Travis Barker



Most likely known for his rhythmic expertise as the drummer for Blink 182, The Transplants and countless other projects, Travis Barker is also a known tattoo junkie with almost his entire body covered in ink. In the first episode of his new series “Tattoo Tuesdays”, acclaimed black and grey master and tattooer of the stars Chuey Quintanar of Deers Eye Studio comes in to tattoo an ornate frame around a portrait of Travis’s mother on his back. Though not particularly original in its presentation, it is always a pleasure to watch Chuey tattoo.


4. Fresh Paint with Carlos Torres - Sullen TV




Carlos Torres is one of the world’s most talented and in demand black and grey/realism tattoo artists, and is also an award winning painter. In this video, Torres talks about how he began painting, who inspires him, and a load of other topics. A bit long for what it is, Sullen TV still brings intriguing and personal looks at some of the best in the world.


Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for our next tattoo collector video courtesy of Find Your Ink TV.



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