Video Round Up 1/13 - 1/27

Published on January 27, 2014 by Leo Gomon
Myke Chambers Tattooing

Circumstances beyond our control made us delay last weeks video round up, but fret not, we’re back! To round out January, watch videos with Jared Preslar (Lucky Bamboo Tattoo), Jeff Gogue, Myke Chambers, Ty Pallota (Premium Blend Tattoo) and more!


1. Behind the Machine: Jared Preslar of Lucky Bamboo Tattoo - Find Your Ink TV



Jared Preslar is a veteran tattoo artist out of Layton, Utah, and has been running Lucky Bamboo Tattoo for over seven years now. His vision of an upscale, comfortable, diverse and professional tattoo studio was a direct result of his less than satisfactory experiences at other more aggressive tattoo shops. Early in his career, Preslar became enamoured with Japanese style tattooing and realism. Check out “Inside Look: Lucky Bamboo Tattoo” for a more in depth window into his awesome studio.


2. Jeff Gogue - Perseverance - stateofgrace sanjose



Tattooing for 14 years, Jeff Gogue has emerged as a massively talented and influential artist in the tattoo community. Completely self taught, he networked and absorbed the huge amount of tattoo knowledge and history, Gogue values Japanese tattooing due to it’s rich and deep history, meaning, and complexity. Gogue believes large scale tattoos that flow with the human canvas are the most dynamic and meaningful tattoo journey. “Perseverance” is a series made in conjunction with the Japanese American National Museum.


3. Myke Chambers Preview - Tattooartistmagazine



For over ten years now, Tattoo Artist Magazine has been providing artists and enthusiasts with quality content, informative articles, and spotlighting the best artists in the world. In this preview interview to the latest issue of TAM, Myke Chambers talks about his rough childhood, vagabond traveler ways, and the trials and tribulations he faced before winding up one of the most positive and talented traditional tattoo artists in the world. It’s a beautiful, open and emotional interview that might make you tear up. To quote Crash from TAM, “His story, like all the stories we feature in TAM & TCM, is about celebrating the transformative power inherent in the art & craft of tattooing to leave more than just a physical "mark" on our lives.”


4. Ink no.3 - Ty Pallotta - Oak Leaf


Ink no. 3 - Ty Pallotta from Oak Leaf on Vimeo.


Ty Pallotta is an award winning tattoo artist out of Premium Blend Tattoo in New Jersey. His specialty in color realism and portraiture has earned a reputation as a highly sought after artist and it’s clear that his work speaks for itself. No dialogue here, just an awesome video with a great artist and questionable music choices, but still very well done. For more information about Ty and Premium Blend, read our interview with the man himself.


5. Supakitch x Damien Elroy - Endorphin




Directed by Damien “Elroy” Vignaux, “Endorphin” is a 10 part series of where artist Supakitch tattoos the body of model Angie Jenkins in various, scenic locations in New York City. This video is similar to the previous one, but it should be interesting to see the progression of the videos and tattoos on the beautiful canvas.


6. Moscow Tattoo Artists - Go2 production - Moscow tattoo artists from Go2 production on Vimeo.



In this 13+ minute video conclusion, we are shown a unique window into the modern Russian tattoo culture. Throughout the video, five or six different artists talk about virtually all things tattoo; from how they got into tattooing, to their parents’ reactions, styles, placement, social stigma, character, integrity, and almost everything in between. Captivating, engaging, entertaining, and most importantly, with subtitles, this is a great video of a region that we rarely get to see.


There you have it! Until next week!


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