Top 50 Tattoos of the Month: #39-50

Published on October 25, 2017 by Tattoo

The curators at decided to put together a list of the Top 50 Tattoos that were posted on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages during the month of October.   

We post hundreds of mesmerizing tattoo pictures every month (and October was no exception) so there were tons of pieces for us to choose from. 

To make's Top 50 list, we took the following factors into consideration: 

1. Quality

2. Composition 

3. Creativity

4. Social Media Reactions 

We're getting started with #'s 39-50 today (in the next week or so, we'll release our picks for 11-38, then 1-10).  

Without further ado...

50.  The Window Seat

Tattoo Artist: Eva Krdbk 

Artist Location:  Bang Bang NYC

Tattoo Style:  Illustrative, Minimalism


49. Intergalactic T-Rex

Tattoo Artist: Andrew Marsh aka Little Andy

Artist Location:  The Church Tattoo Studio UK

Tattoo Style:  Abstract


48. Lovely Dahlia

Tattoo Artist: Phil Garcia

Artist Location:  Eight Thirty-Eight Gallery California

Tattoo Style:  Realism


47. Royal Skull

Tattoo Artist:  Alex Sorsa

Artist Location:  Pont Royal Tattoo Shop Russia

Tattoo Style: Black and Grey, Realism


46. Badass Doll

Tattoo Artist: Vasilii Suvorov

Artist Location: Tattoo Studio Suvorova Russia

Tattoo Style:  Surrealism


45. Be Kind

Tattoo Artist: Ly Moloney 

Artist Location:  Brisbane, Australia 

Tattoo Style: Illustrative 


44. Skydiving

Tattoo Artist: Denis Torikashvili Tidan

Artist Location: NR Studio London UK 

Tattoo Style: Black and Grey, Realism


43. Beauty and the Beast

Tattoo Artist: Michela Bottin

Artist Location: Milan

Tattoo Style: Illustrative


42. Roses and Ribbons

Tattoo Artist: Chase Tafoya

Artist Location:  Bend, OR

Tattoo Style: Black and Grey, Realism


41. Goddess Sif

Tattoo Artist: Sarah Miller

Artist Location:  world traveler

Tattoo Style:  Realism


40. Gorillaz

Tattoo Artist: Adam Perjatel

Artist Location:  Green Apple Tattoo NY

Tattoo Style:  Illustrative


39. Geometric Back

Tattoo Artist:  Marco Galdo

Tattoo Shop:  Trafficanti d'Arte Italy

Tattoo Style:  Geometric, 3D


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