Top 50 Tattoos of the Month: #11-38

Published on October 30, 2017 by Tattoo is proud to present the Top 50 Tattoos of the month. We unveiled our selections for #39-50 last week. If you didn't have a chance to see those, click here.

Take a break from whatever you're doing and browse through the magnificent masterpieces that made our #11-38 list. 

Stay tuned for our TOP TEN tattoos of the month!

38.  Bio-mechanical Steampunk Sleeve

Tattoo Artist:  Todo B ABT Tattoo

Artist Location:

Tattoo Style:  Bio-mechanical, Steampunk


37.  Traditional Sleeve

Tattoo Artist:  Pablo DE

Artist Location:

Tattoo Style:  Traditional


36.  Watercolor Unicorn

Tattoo Artist:  Deborah Genchi

Artist Location:

Tattoo Style: Watercolor


35. Black and Grey Wolf

Tattoo Artist:  Pavel Krim

Artist Location:  Art Faktors Tattoostudio Essen

Tattoo Style:  Black and Grey, Realism


34.  Bejeweled Bug

Tattoo Artist:   Joshua "J-Whitt" Whitten

Artist Location:  Tyler, TX

Tattoo Style:  Neotraditional


33.  Star Wars

Tattoo Artist: Alex Pancho

Artist Location:

Tattoo Style:  Realism


32. Jewels and More

Tattoo Artist:  Olie Siiz

Artist Location:  Poland

Tattoo Style:  Neotraditional


31. Rose & Dagger

Tattoo Artist:  Ruby Quilter

Artist Location:  London

Tattoo Style:  Black and Grey


30. Watercolor Back Piece

Tattoo Artist:  Alberto Cuerva "Versus"

Artist Location:

Tattoo Style:  Watercolor


29. Wednesday Addams

Tattoo Artist:  Carlos Fabra 

Artist Location:

Tattoo Style:  Black and Grey, Realism


28. Tupac & Eminem

Tattoo Artist:  Damon Holleis

Artist Location:

Tattoo Style: Black and Grey, Realism


27. Out of this World

Tattoo Artist: Jordan Croke

Artist Location:

Tattoo Style:  Realism


26.  Au Naturale

Tattoo Artist:  Sophia Baughan

Artist Location:

Tattoo Style:  Neotraditional, Naturalistic


25.  Mermaid

Tattoo Artist: Tattooist Banul

Artist Location:  Seoul, Korea

Tattoo Style:  Illustrative


24. There Will Be Blood

Tattoo Artist: Kyle Cotterman 

Artist Location:

Tattoo Style: Realism


23. Oh Say Can You See

Tattoo Artist:  Wallacy Bronson

Artist Location:  Brazil

Tattoo Style:  Black and Grey, Realism


22. Mansleeve

Tattoo Artist: "The Scientist" aka @ryansmithtattooist

Artist Location:  International

Tattoo Style:  Ornamental, Geometric, Realism


21.  3D 

Tattoo Artist:  @majorink_jackson

Artist Location:  Korea

Tattoo Style: Black and White, Black and Grey, Realism, 3D


20. Clark Little Photography

Tattoo Artist:  Phil Garcia

Artist Location: 

Tattoo Style:  Color, Realism


19. Skull and Flowers Sleeve

Tattoo Artist:  Hugo Feist

Artist Location:  France, Hong Kong

Tattoo Style:  Black and Grey, Realism


18. Bold Back Piece 

Tattoo Artist:  Jean Le Roux

Artist Location:

Tattoo Style: Neotraditional, Black and Grey


17.  Heron

Tattoo Artist:  Fabien Grezyn

Artist Location:   Based in LYON (@artribal) - PARIS (@handinglove)

Tattoo Style:  Traditional, Etching


16.  Black and Grey Portrait

Tattoo Artist: @eddyink9

Artist Location:  Alchemy Tattoo Art

Tattoo Style:  Black and Grey, Realism


15.  Gorgeous Rose

Tattoo Artist:  Jose Guevara Morales aka @cheeseburgerchampion

Artist Location:  Hesperia, CA

Tattoo Style: Realism


14.  Traditional Balloon

Tattoo Artist:  Giuseppe Messina

Artist Location: Sicilia/Roma  

Tattoo Style:  Traditional


13.  Cover Up "Christ"

Tattoo Artist:  Sandry Riffard

Artist Location:  Le Puy-en-Velay, France

Tattoo Style: Realism


12. Sad Clown

Tattoo Artist:  Sam Barber

Artist Location:   Manchester UK

Tattoo Style:  Realism


11.  Full Leg Sleeve

Tattoo Artist:  @Shiryutattoo

Artist Location:  Seoul, South Korea

Tattoo Style: Japanese


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