Top 50 Tattoos of the Month: #1-10

Published on November 2, 2017 by Tattoo

Big congrats to all the tattoo artists that were nominated on's "Top 50 Tattoos of the Month"!

In cased you missed them: Top 50 Tattoos of the Month #11-38: Top 50 Tattoos of the Month #39-50:

We are proud to present's TOP TEN TATTOOS for the month October.

Scroll down and enjoy! 

10. Owl Chest Piece

Tattoo Artist: Makkala Rose

Artist Location:  Travelling artist

Tattoo Style:  Neotraditional

 9. "Sagittarius and Taurus Ascendant" 

Tattoo Artist: Robert Carvalho Art

Artist Location:  São Paulo/SP - Brasil

Tattoo Style:  Illustrative

8. Ornamental Leg Tattoo

Tattoo Artist: Ryan Smith "The Scientist" 

Artist Location:  UK

Tattoo Style:  Ornamental, Realism

7. Fire & Ice

Tattoo Artist:  Alexander Suvorov

Artist Location:  Kiev, Ukraine

Tattoo Style:  Realistic

6. Fear and Loathing

Tattoo Artist: Michael Taguet

Artist Location:  France

Tattoo Style:  Surrealism

5.  Fox & Rabbit

Tattoo Artist: Sandra Daukshta

Artist Location:  Latvia, Riga

Tattoo Style:  Realism, Watercolor

4. Collaboration Piece

Tattoo Artist: Chris Mata'afa, Benji_Roketlaunchla, yz_asencio_art

Artist Location:  Sydney, Australia

Tattoo Style:  Black and Grey, Realism

3. The Ultimate Couples Tattoo

Tattoo Artist: Klebyz Soares

Artist Location:  Verani Tattoo

Tattoo Style:  Realism

2. Royal Skull

Tattoo Artist: Varo Tattooer

Artist Location:  Korea

Tattoo Style:  Neotraditional

1. Realistic Wolf
Tattoo Artist: Dave Paulo

Artist Location:  Portugal/Germany/Switzerland/NY

Tattoo Style:  Realism



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