Interview: Patrick Miranda - Movements - Latest Release, Favorite Tattoo Artists, Knuckle Puck Tour

Published on November 13, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Orange County rockers, Movements, are spreading like wildfire through the scene as one of Fearless Records most promising up and coming acts. Blending California Culture into impassioned musical vigor that is authentic and distinguishable, Movements have rounded to home and utterly dominate throughout their latest release, ‘Feel Something’. I caught up with lead vocalist, Patrick Miranda, to discuss his favorite tattoo artists around the globe, the release of ‘Feel Something’, their current tour with Knuckle Puck and more.


Congratulations on the release of ‘Feel Something’. Tell us about the creative process and intention behind the album.


We spent over a year writing this record, which is the longest we've really spent on anything as a band. We wanted to create something that would take Movements to the next level. We experimented with new tones, new song structures, and really tried to think outside the box for this record. I think this is the strongest collection of songs we've ever written and we couldn't be more happy with the final product.


What was the greatest challenge that you guys overcome as a band while recording ‘Feel Something’?


I think the biggest challenge we ran into while recording was just the lack of time we had in the studio. We had just over three weeks to record the whole album, which may seem like a lot, but it's a pretty time-consuming process. I also got really sick about halfway through recording vocals, and couldn't finish them at first. That set us back a bit and was a really stressful time, but we got them done as soon as I recovered.


As you are signed to Fearless Records, how has being a part of that family kept you musically inspired and what is one potent lesson that you have learned from your peers?


Being on Fearless is awesome. They have a great team and they're full of awesome ideas that help Movements progress and grow to it's fullest potential. Being surrounded by so many other talented bands makes us want to write the best music we can. There's definitely a little competitive spirit involved.


You guys are currently out on tour with Knuckle Puck. How have fans throughout the country reacted to the new material so far?


So far the new stuff has been really well received! We've already had a bunch of people singing the lyrics to the new songs, so that's really mind-blowing. I'm excited to start playing more new music soon.


How do you guys keep up with your health and wellness while touring? Do you make time for exercise, etc?


Honestly, we don't really exercise on the road. We probably should, but we don't. We try to eat as healthy as possible, though, and we all take vitamins and immune support to help prevent getting sick on the road. Ultimately getting sick on tour is never completely avoidable, but we do what we can!


Let’s dig into your roots. If we were to take a trip to your hometown, where do we visit for the best music and food?


I was born and raised in southern Orange County, California where there is never a shortage of things to do! If you're looking for some of the best shows of your life, Chain Reaction is the venue. We're incredibly lucky and honestly honored to be able to call Chain our home venue. It's sort of a dream for a lot of bands in our world to play there. My favorite hometown food is Poke, which is essentially just sushi in a bowl instead of rolled up. There are tons of awesome poke joints around my area but my all time favorite is called Poke Tiki.


In Orange County, you're never very far from the beach, so that's where my friends and I would typically go to hang out. The cliffs in Dana Point and Table Rock at Laguna Beach are probably my favorite places to hang out.


If you could hang out with either your former self as a child or your future self as a senior citizen, who would you choose and why?


I think I would hang out with myself as a kid. I feel like if I were able to talk to myself at a young age and give myself advice for the future or tell myself not to worry, or to not waste my time on the things that didn't matter, then it would maybe change who I am today for the better.


Let’s talk tattoos. Tell us about some of your favorite personal pieces and the artists that you have collaborated with to bring the tattoos to life.


Two of my favorite tattoos are on my right leg. I have a large ship on my shin that was my first tattoo and I got it the day that I turned 18. It means a lot to me still and has lyrics from an old band I really used to like that say, “stay the course, eyes fixed north." The other favorite is a Sailor Jerry inspired owl that I have on my calf. It's a tattoo that I got for my mom because owls are her favorite animal and she used to collect owl figurines. There are words below the owl that represent what my mom would always tell me before I left the house that read, "be good, be safe." Both tattoos were done by a good friend of mine named Drake Sheehan, who tattoos at Port City Tattoo in Costa Mesa.


If you could get any tattoo done by any artist in the world, budget free, which artist would you choose and what would you get tattooed?


I would say either Christian Lanouette or Mike Adams. Both artists are absolutely phenomenal and I've followed them both closely for a while now. Eventually, I plan on getting tattooed by both, but I don't know what I'd get cause I think I'd need more than just one tattoo from either. For the sake of this hypothetical - I'd say I would want Mike Adams to tattoo my whole torso with the typical traditional format, and I'd want Christian to finish my whole right arm and just let him do whatever he wanted!


Last but certainly not least, any closing messages for your fans?


Thank you all who have listened or supported us in any way. We truly wouldn't be anything without the people who care about our music and support what we do. We are eternally grateful.


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