Tattoo Sleeves: Confident Art Required

Published on April 4, 2014 by Naomi V

Tattoo sleeves are more than most tattoos. It is not a small expression or anything that can be easily hidden or covered up. The arms are a major part of the body that is both very visible and active on a daily basis. Half or full sleeves require a tremendous amount of planning and confidence in the art. Tattoo sleeves are serious!


Make it count!


Generally, the artwork should not consist of disjointed images that look ramdomly thrown onto the arm. It is important that a qualified tattoo designer is commissioned for this project. They need to be accurate with the work area and size of the piece. The artist needs to fully understand what you, the customer, and ultimately the person who will be permanently showcasing the artwork on your skin, truly want and need to express. Even if the images you want in your sleeve design have nothing to do with one another out of context, a great tattoo illustrator can take these elements and make them flow together as a cohesive piece. The right designer should create such a great piece of art that you will want to show that ink off EVERY chance you get! 


Make your dream tattoo come true.


Maybe you're looking for a Japanese sleeve design with beautiful waves, koi fish, flowers and geisha or samurai. Or maybe you want a traditional old school sleeve design with pinups and anchors. Perhaps you want to be completely unique in the extreme with a new school tattoo with elements that mean something to you and nobody else. Either way, you need the perfect artist to put these pieces together in the most pleasing way possible. They need to work in black and gray or color the way you're envisioning it right now, when you think of the tattoo sleeve of your dreams. Close your eyes. Can you see it? Do you believe it? Oh yeah, it can look THAT fantastic! 


Get confident and and get it started!


I bet you have been itching to get that half or full sleeve, but haven't been able to find an artist that you're 100% confident in to create the quality of work that you want and need. Maybe you haven't been able to find quality that you want in artists because of your limited budget. Well, today's your lucky day! Your tattoo journey has brought you here, because this is where you were meant to be. We have several tattoo designers from around the world who can work with you and your budget. They will make sure you have a sleeve worthy masterpiece to get inked. Ready to make your ink dream come true? Start by posting your tattoo sleeve idea and rough budget as a design request.


Image credit: Inketteroulette and Angel Muro


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Why can't I see these

Paula Benghazi Walker's picture

Why can't I see these

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